ice cream and cowgirls

Ella's ice cream party is almost here and we couldn't be more excited!
Since her actual birthday is during spring break I sent birthday treats with her to school last Friday. I stayed with the theme and made ice cream cupcakes. I had never done this before and when I googled them, there were many different ways to make them. I went with the Betty Crocker recipe. It was kinda crazy cause you bake them upside down but it worked great!
Picnik collage
I had this ice cream toothpicks from oriental trading company that I put in each one.
Last Friday was also western day at school for Ella AND Avery! How fun is that?! They loved sending pics to each other through Kristen and I's phones. They both looked so cute in their cowgirl gear. I'm pretty sure Aves has made it apart of her everyday wear now too:) 
Picnik collage
Ella's life sized ice cream truck is coming along great! It wouldn't have happened without Bob the builder. He braced the inside with some wood beams and cut out all the windows for me. 
Bob's (well maybe everyones) favorite part is that the hood opens. I mean, how else would you check the engine? 
Picnik collage
My mom came to visit this last weekend while Bob was working nights. She was such a great help while I painted the truck. Now I am just working on the fun details. 
I know. I'm insane! I just can't help it though. 


Cassie said...

That is the cutest thing ever! Can't wait to see the party come together!!

Erica Vanessa said...

Absolutely amazing. What an inspiration! Can we please be real life friends?! -erica s. (friend of Beth Carroll-not a psycho stalker, I swear!)

Jordan said...

I love this. Wish we were coming to this party! I am also insane and see things on pinterest and think "oooh, that'd be cute at Ella Ice Cream party" :)

the tichenor family said...

OH MY GOODNESS... blast from the past. My mom made us those ice cream cone cupcakes for our birthdays in Elementary School. We were always SO proud of our treats.

You're the best mom ever. love that ice cream truck so much... and your sweet little family inside, PRECIOUS!

Misty said...

how cute are your girls (& bob, ha!) popping out of the truck?! I can not wait to see her party! I just love it already :)

Nina said...

Ok, so weird and great, Katy and I just read about ice cream cupcakes and were wondering how to make them so leave it to you of course to show us! Can't wait to see all the party pics!

Alexis said...

That looks amazing Allison. Hands down you and Kristen win the "Most Fun Mom" Award.

I just want to know how you find the time?!?!

Jamy said...

Are those refrigerator boxes?

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