Are you guys still having trouble lifting your jaws off of the floor from ella's party??? I think its my favorite party of hers so far-which is so hard because all of her parties are outstanding.  I just cant get enough of it! I keep looking at every pic of everything! I just love everything!
This past week for spring break we kind of hob nobbed all over the place and never really had a plan to do just one thing.  It ended up being one of my favorite spring breaks ever.  We went "camping" in Jeff's parents lake house's yard one night, went to meet ella for her bday, ate dinner with my fam, spent a day with jennifer and isla and celebrated everyone matching with their residencies one night.  oh and went to katelyn's first birthday, which was also incredible.  It was just the best week.
Y'all know my feelings on camping.
I love it.  Did it with my youth group (not to be confused with my family-my dad's idea of camping is a motel) and want to do it with my new family.  When people talk about how they go camping I light up and want to get into the conversation so bad and smile real big and then have nothing to offer because we have yet to officially go.  I know I don't need to be caught up about the fact that my kids are young, but I just get kind of nervous that no sleeping will ever happen and we will die of sleep deprivation by the second day.
Luckily, we only camped for one night at the lake so we lived to tell about it. 
and, actually everyone slept.
and it was a blast!  
I feel like we are maybe ready to not camp directly next to a house with running water and a warm place to sleep if we need it, soon.
Jeff got a tent when he was in college and it is fantastic.  It has like 5 "rooms" that the kids love to mess with.  Avery never took her divider down the whole night- she did not want to share her space with us pions. 
avery in front of tent
avery in tent3
ben getting in the tent
sassy in tent
sassy laying down in sleeping bag
Jeff cleared out the fire pit and started a fire so we could roast hot dogs and 'mallows.
hot dog
ben smiling
avery eating smore
messy smore
marshmallow mouth
avery eating2
smoky smore
We did a lot of fishing.
ben fishing
ben by lake smiling
ben on dock
catching a fish
more fish1
more fish2
(look at those matching smiles)
more fish3
We cooked some catfish the second day so everyone could try it.
Ben kept saying "i love this catfish" and maybe cried when he had to wait for it to be fully cooked...
ben stressed
cooking catfish2
Overall, it was a success and I cant wait to do it again!
sassy smiling
ben and sassy in chairs
there may have been a mini hug fest.
ben and sassy hugging
that may have been on the verge of going south,
ben and sassy hugging2
and I tried to make it a family affair, but not everyone was excited to be involved...
lakefront with avery
until next time! (maybe it won't be in any form of a "yard")


Ashley@The Vanilla Tulip said...

OKay.... I remember you saying this before... but is that the lake we live by?????!!! :) Looks familiar;)
I LOVE all of these pictures! I too have big dreams of camping. Except I want to get a vintage camper to decorate... how fun would that be?!?
Happy Wednesday friend!!!

allyo said...

Your family is too cute! I love the matching smiles picture!

Lifethrualinds said...

All those pics are to die for. Y'all are all so beautiful and sweet. It makes me want to camp too (and that's saying a lot). Love y'all!

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