Golden Blocks

I saw some golden blocks on-you guessed it-pinterest, and wanted to copy them for isla grace (whose party was amazing.  go check it out right here).  
I have done blocks before, but I wanted to try these because they seemed more modern and streamlined.  and gold! how fun is gold?!
Welp.  They turned out kind of ghetto, but Im gonna tell you how to do them anyway (check out that a. sigh).
I got some stickers, gold martha paint and blocks at hob lob.  I put the stickers on (definitely the thicker ones worked much better and I highly recommend them.  The thinner ones were easier for the paint to sneak up under.  little sneaksters).
Then, I painted them and took the stickers off.  I know.  I am amazing.  That was so complicated. I am not sure if y'all can master it.  But I think you should at least try.
I was actually going to just keep them because of their said ghettoness, but then Isla had blocks out when I visited her last week and Jenn said she loves them, so I thought I would send them with tons of warning of their inability to come out and play when other people are over (and if they happen to be out, maybe lie and say a sick cousin made them and you feel like you have to keep them out of guilt?).
So, make yours cuter and don't buy this color gold.  Go with one more, I don't know, golden.
and not so close to the colors of the blocks.
maybe a brighter color next time?
luckily that is not her only present.  more on that later. and sassy cut her own hair into a mullet.  more on that too..


the tichenor family said...

Kristen, your posts make me LAUGH! Oh my goodness-- the blocks are such a great idea! Sorry your gold didn't work out... and I was noticing that Sassy's hair looked shorter-- pretty much spit my water all over my laptop when I got to the last line. Can't wait to hear the story! :)

Nan Burger said...

Hi Kristen!

I have to admit - I laughed out loud when I read about Sassy cutting her hair into a mullet! She looks darling no matter what she does to her hair!!

The blocks are awesome! I love the jar you have them in too. I just got some "Water Slide Decal" paper that I have some ideas for, but wouldn't a "BLOCKS" label be cute on that jar?

Keep having fun with those kids! They're growing up in front of our very eyes!


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