Thank you guys!

Thank y'all so much for sharing your favorite things to do in your extra time.  I know you probably didn't even know what free time looks like and had to dig back a while to when you had free time :)
I definitely feel like we are all so much alike.  I enjoy so much of the same things that you guys do (a good book, sewing, crafting, knitting, cooking, baking) and am inspired by other things y'all said (organize your pictures on your computer! love that!).  
We cant tell you what it means to a us that you guys read us and identify with us and let us share our lives with you.
I know sometimes its pretty boring, but we enjoy being able to write it down and remember it.  Having people enjoy it is such an incredible gift!
Hope you guys have a great weekend full of relaxing
and spending time outside.
Thanks again guys!


Misty said...

Love your pics. Do you know if an android can take instagrams? I've asked everyone and no one seems to know. :)

Alexis said...

Um 2nd picture = Amazing. Love it!!!

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