belated last week catch up

First of all, how cute is Sassy's new haircut?! I just love it! We had so much fun seeing everyone this last weekend at Kinleys' Puppy Party!

The ice cream truck is officially gone.
Bob cut it to pieces and in the dumpster it went. I wish I could have kept it up forever but a life sized ice cream truck parked in my living room was bound to get in the way. If it hadn't been built in that room and would have fit out the door I would have loved to pass it down to someone but there was no going around it, it had to be torn apart:(
These stuffed ice cream cones were in the truck for kids to play with during the party. I bought them at Walgreens and they were actually dog toys so Dignan has officially claimed them as his own.
My freezer is still stocked full with left over popsicles and we haven't been afraid to eat them all day, everyday.
Bob's schedule has been all over the place this month. He has had to work a lot of nights so Ella and I have had a lot of movie watching sleepovers on the couch bed/fort that she loves to make:)
Nachos is a favorite late night snack in our house. The secret family recipe is to sprinkle some lemon pepper over the cheese before you put them in the oven.
The upside to Bob working nights is post call days. It is always nice to have him home during a weekday and the weather has been picnic in the park beautiful!
Looks like somebody is way past due for a Ponytail Party!
Hope everyone is having a great week!

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Cassie said...

Seeing Dignan (who is the cutest dog on the planet) reminded me that I don't think I told you that we ended up getting our puppy from McDoodles, too! Thanks for the suggestion :)

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