what a day

My car battery died yesterday so the girls and I took Bob to work at 6:30 this morning that way I could have his truck for the day. McKenna went back to sleep when we got home, but Ella on the other hand had an extra amount of energy. She wanted to make a fort out of the couch and watch movies. I love when a couch potato thinks outside the box, so we pushed the couches together and watched some Full House episodes. Ella was bouncing around on the couch when she rolled off the back onto the carpet. She was crying but not for very long. She said her elbow hurt and I examined it in all the ways I knew how. She could straighten it and bend it so I assumed everything was ok. She said it felt better and headed to school in a great mood. When I picked her up from school she was her happy self. As we were walking out of the building I went to hold her hand. It was very limp and she told me not to hold that hand because that was her hurt arm. (doesn't that break your heart?!) I could tell it was really bothering her now and when I went to feel her elbow it was puffy. I headed straight to the ER with both girls. Long story short, Ella broke some bone in her elbow and has to wear a splint for 2 weeks. I still can't believe that she went to school with a broken arm all day and never even complained about it. She is one tough kid! 
Being at the ER with both girls by myself for 3 and 1/2 hours was crazy, but the best kind of crazy it could be. Ella was a rockstar. I couldn't get over how grown up she was. She answered all of the doctors questions and was so brave. She fought back the tears the whole time. McKenna was all over the place. I think I coated her with hand sanitizer maybe 50 times. The nurses were fabulous and kept bringing the girls toys and books. I blew up more gloves than I can count, I was trying anything to keep McKenna distracted from her tiredness and Ella from her pain.
Ella was such a trooper and so far hasn't really seemed bothered by the splint. Bath time will be challenging because she loves to swim around like a fish. She was super bummed when I told her she would still have on the splint for her birthday party. 
I'm sure I will be back with some bedazzled splint pictures soon:) 


Camila said...

Poor baby girl! Winlon had a "special blue arm" (hard cast) for 6 weeks last summer. Double grocery bag was my best trick for the bath. Rubber bands around the top to seal it. Good luck!!

allyo said...

Poor baby! She is a tough little girl. I pray for a quick recovery!

jojo said...

Sweet baby girl!!

Lindsay @ Delighted Momma said...

Aw poor thing..but yes such a little trooper!

Nina said...

Poor Ella! What a tough girl though, she will totally rock that splint at her party though, I have no doubts :)

Misty said...

She needs a shirt that says I DO ALL MY OWN STUNTS :)

Misty said...

She needs a shirt that says I DO ALL MY OWN STUNTS :)

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