This is the day

that the Lord has made.
I will rejoice and be glad in it.

Kristen bought me this shirt a couple years ago and last november 10th I was too large  pregnant to wear it, so I'm so excited to finally get to wear it today!
Here is a recap of the story behind the shirt...

November 10th is a day we like to call "cheat death day" in the Booth household. 8 years ago today, our lives took an unexpected turn.
At 6:30 pm on November 10, 2003 I headed to my night class I had every Monday. A car stopped to allow me to cross the street so I could get to my class building. As I was in the process of walking across the street a truck came up behind the car stopped for me. It had just gotten dark and not knowing or seeing why the car had stopped, the truck swerved around to pass. As the truck passed the car there I was right in the middle of the street. I was knocked to the ground and run over by the truck. 
I was taken to Hendrick Hospital in Abilene. I will go from head to toe to explain my injuries. Fractured skull, broken nose, front tooth was knocked out, collapsed lung, fractured left hand, fractured pelvis in 6 different places, fractured right knee cap, and fractured ankle. It was a miracle I am even here today telling this story and that I had no brain injuries or internal bleeding. After a few days at Hendrick they care-flighted me to Parkland Hospital in Dallas. They immediately took me into surgery and placed three screws in my pelvis. A couple days later is the start of when I can remember things for myself. I was then moved to Zale Lipshy Hospital which is where I lived for the next month. All of a sudden I had gone from living in Abilene where I was playing and running around with my roommates to living in a hospital bed with no movement. This all happened six weeks before our wedding so I should have been walking down the aisle and going on my honeymoon but instead I had a cast on one leg, brace on the other, and pins and brace on my left hand. Basically there was something wrong/broken everywhere but my right arm. Once I got stronger with that arm I began learning how to slide myself from bed to wheelchair. I was not allowed to touch my feet to the floor for 4 months as my pelvis continued to heal. The hospital bed came home with me to my parents house in Colleyville where I stayed to recover. Over the months I spent my days going to lots of physical therapy and learning to walk again.
This whole thing was such a freak accident with two people in the wrong place at the wrong time. It took a long time for me to piece myself back together on the inside and out but I did get married to the most wonderful man and I did finish school. I have some nerve damage and chronic pain that I have learned to live with happily and I am so blessed to be where I am now.
We all know how much I love a good board game. Kristen and Jeff brought this "Fact or Crap" game to the hospital for us all to play. Funny thing is that I don't remember this at all! This was during the first week in the hospital and I was on so many meds that I have no memory of it.
I got my hair fixed by my mom everyday again.
I was in the hospital over the holidays so this was our family Christmas card that year.
I do have a pretty cool x-ray.
It's so weird to look back on this day 8 years ago. Sometimes I feel like it was just yesterday and sometimes I feel like it is still a dream. For so many years I have been waiting for that "ah-ha" moment of when I would see and understand why this happened to me. I have always known that it's not going to be an "ah-ha" moment like you see on Oprah where someone overcomes a life changing experience and ends up with a #1 selling book or a motivational speaker that reaches hundreds of people through their story. Neither one of those situations is me at all. Number one because I have only read two books in my life (marly&me and 90 minutes in heaven) so much less would I ever write one and next to flying, public speaking is my biggest fear. I know that God put that time in my life for a reason and I am thankful for who it has made me today.


Lifethrualinds said...

I love you my sweet friend! I thank God for you everyday. I learn so much from you about forgiveness, patience and selflessness. You are so peaceful and fun and you never complain. I am so thankful for the miracle that happened with your recovery. God has always had a special plan for you and I am blessed to get to witness it! And who says you can't be a writer...this post is beautiful! Love you!

BrookeD said...

What a miracle!! You are amazing Allison! :) Happy "Cheat Death Day"!!

kristen said...

I'm just bawling in my way to school! That was do beautifully written- I just don't know how you do it everyday with chronic pain. Or how you didn't move for months. You're just such an incredible person and I'm so thankful to even know you, much less have you such a huge part of my life. Thank you for always being positive and never complaining even though you def deserve to! Happy cheat death day! And I'm glad you like your shirt :)

Cindy said...

What a great day to remember how good God is. I love how you have made something so terrible such a great testimony.

I have been reading your blog for a while and have always meant to ask you...did you go to Abilene Christian? I have some friends that have gone there as I go to a CoC.

Nina said...

Ok I'm pretty much in love with the shirt! And you are so skinny! Love you and am so thankful you are still here to be the best friend to everyone, wife to Bob and mom to those sweet girls, I think that may be your "ah ha" moment :)

Melissa said...

wow... that was 8 years ago? I remember when I first heard what had happened to you and we were all so worried. that shirt is absolutely hillarous!

Kmad813 said...

If you never thought so before, I would say that your "aha" moment is now. What a truly inspirational story, that if nothing else, has changed my life and reminded me to never take a single breath for granted. Just in this one post I have learned the beautiful gift of patience, persistence, and a grateful heart. In spite of every circumstance, we should be grateful for every moment we've been given with the people that we love, never knowing when it might be our last. What an amazing testimony!

Nicole said...

I have tears in my eyes reading this. What amazes me the most is that you were able to smile in those pictures, regardless of the pain. You are truly an inspiration! You know how precious life is and it makes me look at my own life and give thanks. Happy Cheat Day and thanks for sharing!

april said...

You are amazing Allison!! I couldn't help but tear up when I read your story, and then smile because you are such an inspiration. :) You are so beautiful, and look adorable in your, very fitting for your story, shirt. Happy Cheat D Day!!

Mandie W said...

You look AWESOME!!!! You have been a blessing to our family, and maybe it's a possibility you have reached just as many lives as people that write books or speak in large crowds about their testimony. No matter how big or small, God is glorified.

Unknown said...

Allison, I was amazed at your strength after you cheated death. Nothing has changed. God is great for letting us all enjoy you!

Leslie said...

That is an amazing story Allison. Most people would NEVER know that happened to you b/c you don't feel sorry for yourself or try and be the center of attention or ever 1 up people with stories, etc. I am so thankful to know you!!! That shirt rocks!

Michelle said...

Amazing Allison! I'm from Abilene and went to ACU and remember the night that this happened. I was also in a night class at ACU and we dedicated the first part of class praying for you and all involved. What an awesome testimony you have!

Miranda said...

God has great plans for you, that much is easy to see. I admire your strength and humility in experiencing all you did and in the graceful way you shared it. Your family and friends are so blessed to have you in their lives!

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