Scotch, Scotch, Scotch

And by that I mean hopscotch.
 Princess hopscotch.
(not the kind Ron Burgandy drinks)
Blair found this on the side of the road and the babies loved it.
Let me back up.
It was Blair's 30th this weekend and I went home to help her celebrate with her fantastic group of friends.
And the babies helped.
 They picked out all kind of fun stuff for the party at party city.
Oh, and I dragged my brother around with me the whole weekend.  I am pretty sure he had other stuff to do but he was a great sport.
On a best friends note,
I have also been reading this book and I LOVE it!
And Allison bought the audio version and its in her voice! I just love that.
She writes just about regular stuff that everyone goes through and it makes you forget that she is super famous and talented and writes for the office.  She is just so relatable and so, so funny.
This chapter was super funny.
I highly related to almost all of them with my best friends.
I went to the big joann's while I was in d-town too and I got some fun yarn.
(Im not an addict, its cool, I feel alive...What? Not everyone's favorite things about being home is craft stores that are available and super targets right around the corner???)
Just cant wait for christmas time and making presents!  I am going to put a few things in the shop too, so ill let y'all know about that.
And some fun shiny gold fabric that I feel like maybe I could do one of those cool clutches with that is all the rage.  That can't be too hard, right?? And maybe the flannel into a circle scarf?
I have also been on a moccasin hunt with Jennifer for a while and finally settled on this mid-tops from madewell and I really love them.  They are prob definitely too big but they are so comfy.

On a food note, before I left, I made the most amazing snicker doodles ever.  And I am not like a huge I have to eat snicker doodles every time I go to a cookie store kind of person, but these were super good.  I have really only made them like one time, but these were def the best I have ever made...
 I accidentally forgot to roll them in cinnamon and sugar before I baked them (I'm so smart) so I had to make another batch...in the same 30 minutes...
I also made these peanut butter bars when we got home; Again, great idea.
I mean, not a great idea for my 29 almost 30 year old body that wants to look good for her birthday in like a week, but, good for everything else.
On a serious note, my mom is doing some amazing things right now and is on a trip helping people like always, so keep her in your prayers of safety.  Just love her and am so thankful for her.
And congrats to Lindsay Lancaster, my most loyal customer turned new bff via pen pals, on the birth of her second baby!  Her sis in law sent me a pic of her new little boy and I just love when I make friends through this blog and then get photos of their newborn babies before they even get cleaned off! Y'all really are the best and I can't tell you how thankful al and I are for everyone who reads.  I don't know what keeps y'all hooked more, my long rambling posts about food, how secretly excited I get about how many times I can use the phrase "on a ___ note" in one post, or hearing about how I wear the same rainbow shirt everyday, but, whatever it is guys, thanks.
(Don't worry guys, I know its allison and her amazing beauty + great hair + kind personality + creativity + ability to withstand large moving vehicles.  Y'all are smart to stick around for her posts.)


BrookeD said...

I can't wait to read that book!! And I can attest to the awesomeness of the snicker-doodles, they were outta sight!! :)

Misty said...

I am definitely getting the book... sounds like a fun read! Just love this blog & we are loving our chalkboard table.... I am TRYING to convince my hubby to let me paint the hall so my girls can color there too, but that's a no go... for now.... who knows what will happen when he goes to work ;)

Nan Burger said...

Hi Kristen!

You mentioned making a clutch and I wondered if you had seen this video on Martha Stewart's website? I ordered some of the "purse frames" from the woman's etsy shop and can't wait to make a few of the purses too! Check out the video if you haven't seen it yet - looks like a fun project!



Camila said...

1. You are so trendy with the madewells and skinny jeans. Love them.
2. Ben. I die. He is adorable.
3. Do you have a good cinnamon rolls recipe? I feel like you would have a good one.
4. I love your rambling posts (and Allisons great hair).
5. I am sending Sean your way for a circle scarf for me for Christmas. Get ready!!

Cassie said...

What I love most about your blog (or your posts in particular) is that it is totally as if I'm having a conversation with you. And you are one of the BEST peeps to have a conversation with :)

Moving on.

I buy yarn almost every time I'm in JoAnn's. But I don't really knit or crochet. There is just something addicting about the possibilities of yarn. Maybe you should post some video tutorials on how to crochet!!! (pretty please?!?!)

And I LOVE LOVE that gold fabric. I would have never thought to buy it but now I'm going to go hunt it down...and then I'll make whatever you end up making out of it:)

ms.composure said...

omg i def cant wait to read this book!!!!


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