A writing
As you can see, we did some homework this weekend.
Jeff was working so we thought we would get to work too.
(well, avery did, and she made me help.)
We didn't always do it exactly right, but it was fun.  Who doesn't love a heart for a o????
pretty sass
messy workspace
aves cutting
Avery also made some money.
When I say "made", I mean it.
She colored and cut out money.
I don't know if she realizes that money doesn't grow on construction paper, but she loved it.
She had to change into different shorts that had more pockets so she could stuff more money in her shorts.
Then she told me to tell the lady at dinner that she was paying and I didn't have any money.
When Jeff got home Sunday she told him she bought dinner and was so proud of herself.
At least the girl is thoughtful.
Ben is thoughtful in another way- he thought about his duck the whole weekend.
It went everywhere with him.  He even had to take it in the bath with him before church.  And then lug that huge wet duck with him in the car and into church.
The kid was soaking wet and a mess, and you know the church people thought I was this crazy mom who gives her kids wet toys (that were not even meant to get wet ever) to play with and makes them carry them around!
oh well. Maybe I should wash the duck...
Hope you guys had a great weekend!


Lifethrualinds said...

Love the school update and the pic of them all in bed...the backpacks...the hand prints...all the homework...and Ben's duck. All such cute stories! Love you all and miss you tons!

fromhousetohome said...

You are always so creative with the kids! Just love it! Avery asked me when they were here if the bank is where you "buy money"?!!! She'll figure the money think out soon enough so I loved the pic of her making her own!! I think that is what the govt. thinks they can do!! We miss y'all so much so thanks for the pictures. They encourage us everyday!

lins said...

legitimate lol-ing. i love ben's love for animals.

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