homemade candy

Ella filled her jar to the halfway mark yesterday so we made some candy for a little treat. I followed this recipe on how to make your own gummy candy. It was so easy and Ella loved it! All you need is jello and gelatine.
Ella mixed 2 three oz packages of jello, 6 envelopes of gelatine and 2/3 cup of cold water + half of 1/3 cup. We then let the jello mixture sit covered for 10 minutes and then I put them in pots of simmering water to melt.
Once the mixture was melted we poured it into candy molds that we bought at hobby lobby.
We put them in the fridge for about 5 minutes and they were ready!
Ella had so much fun making this candy! And it actually tasted pretty good too, like a watered down jello fruit snack. 


Caitlin said...

Ella is completely adorable! I love the pictures of her helping out. Your jar idea is so brilliant and I'm so glad you are both loving the idea! :)

Seek First said...

so cute! looks like fun entertainment as well!

I have a rosette headband/necklace giveaway going on this week, I hope you'll stop by and enter! http://hannahjholmes.blogspot.com/2011/08/giveaway-enter-to-win-handcrafted.html

jojo said...

Way to go sweet Ella!!

Cassie said...

awesome! the boys love fruit snacks and will be totally stoked to make their own. thanks, once again, for being amazing :)

Nina said...

Her hair is so long! That looks so easy and fun, such a crafty mom you are. See you guys soon can't wait!! :)

Misty said...

awesome!! you know i'm pinning this! also, do you have any suggestions on how to deep clean the top of your stove? LT put a styrofoam plate on a hot burner the other day & I cant seem clean it off!! : / i've googled it & nothing is really working...

Lifethrualinds said...

I love this!! I bet kinley would have a blast doing this and she loves fruit snacks. Ella is so stinkin cute and obvi so well behaved! Your jars are genius!

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