Here we go Kindergarten

Big day today!
We woke up and had initial pancakes (they look gross but actually were really good)
(and tried to brush our hair to improve this look, although it doesn't often get a lot better.  We should try the sock roll...)
ben was not quite as chipper this mornin'
We had to get backpacks this year that could hold a folder because ours last year were so cute but way too small.  We all went to academy and they picked out their backpacks.  Avery picked the clear plasticky backpack...I will let you guys guess how very cool that backpack looks in real life....
I tried for "arms around each other" when we got to school but this was the best we could do.
And we did it.  Ok, Avery did it and I just watched.  But she did a great job.
She walked in to Kindergarten ready and excited to be there. 
She was brave without even a hint of drama.
That is what I love about her.
She is truly one of my favorite people.  She is so brave- the first one to try something, but you really don't even notice because she does it so nonchalantly that it doesn't make a scene.  She is kind and sweet, but she is not really an extrovert, so it is not in a very loud way.  She is stubborn and definitely knows and does what she wants.  She is generous with her things, and always excited to share them with others.  She is definitely the first person you want to tell something to because she will do a slight gasp when she hears what you are saying, open her mouth wide and smile so big- she is very happy for other people.  I am sad to not have her with me everyday, but I am so excited to see her move out into the world.  She is so excited to learn, and she asks questions nonstop.  I think she is ready for kindergarten.  I am so proud of the person she has become in spite of me constantly messing her up.
The twins did great too.
They were so sweet to their teacher and, despite having major reservations about going, they went in and were brave, excited and kind.  The teacher really had nothing really to say about them because, crazily enough, they were not drama.  They are not as much like avery in that aspect-
 They love drama and emotion and it clings to everything they do and drips down from every move they make.
They jump when they are happy, mad or sad.
 Their face shows every emotion they are feeling.
They are full of life, energy and fun.
And, they are pretty much best friends.
They are also very stubborn and set in their ways.
I am very proud of the kind people they are becoming, as well, and excited to see how they change and grow this year.  Also definitely my favorite people, as they have left the baby stage, and that I will forever mourn. They were my babies and they have all changed my life.  I did not even know that I wanted kids when I had them and was super nervous when I found out they were coming. Now I am sad to watch them leave.  ahhhhhh....
Ok, that was wayyyy too much wordiness and sentimental mumbo jumbo.  whew.  I will try and keep it lighter from now on.
When I got the twins we went and got balloons and took them with us to pick up Aves.
And had a few popsicles to end the day all nice and sticky.
Then we found out that Avery is missing two shots that I thought she had and so tomorrow we may not be going to kindergarten after all, and may be spending our day at the health center.  Mom of the year, I tell ya.  Mom of the year.  Lets hope she makes it more than one day in the public school system...


The Rodriguez Crew said...

You make me laugh so hard! All of the pictures were fantastic, and the smiles on those kids are some of the best I've seen! Hope Avery gets to return back to school tomorrow. :)

*p.s. anxiously awaiting the cold weather here in houston (haha, right) so that I can wear my awesome circle scarf I got from you last year!

Unknown said...

Kristen you CRACK me UP!!! Who cares about shots when you have the coolest mom EVER!? I hope I am half as good a mom as you are. Congrats on your first day without your oldest baby in the house. I know that must be so hard!

Unknown said...

I feel like I walked thru this day with you ...and I loved every minute. Those kids have such an amazing mother. Your'e going to like school more than you think. Onward and upward sweet girl.

Lifethrualinds said...

Love these sweet words and pics of your precious angels. Yay Avery! What a big girl in Kindergarten! I can't believe it. The pic of Ben and Sassy hugging is priceless. I love them more than words. Hope it was a fun day!

Morgan Bender said...

I can not believe that Aves is in Kindergarten!! That went to fast! I'm so glad that you started LL so I haven't missed a thing. They are such beautiful little people, but I cant say anyone is surprised. They come from a long line of goodness.

Priscilla said...

Your post made me laugh and cry! You are such a wonderful mom, Kristen, and your kids are a reflection of you!! Love you much!

Kate said...

Yep, that picture of ben and sassy hugging is maybe the CUTEST and most PRECIOUS thing I have ever seen. So proud of everyone, including you too Kristen!! :)

Lauren said...

those pictures of sassy and ben are the greatest!!! im so proud of you as a mom, you really are mom of the year! and your description of avery sounds like you're talking about yourself! miss you so...

Lisa said...

Ahhh, this totally made me cry...and then bust out laughing at the end! I love how I feel like I know them all just from your descriptions. Clearly you ARE mom of the year, just listen to how awesome your babies are!!! XOXO!

hernandezjr said...

amazing post! ur kids are so lucky to have you as a momma! you're the best!

lins said...

this gets my vote for best barstad blog ever. and those photos are SO perfect!!

fromhousetohome said...

What a day for y'all!! Thanks for the pictures....they are amazing and of course made me cry! But what you said about the kids is what really touched my heart! YOU touch my heart Kristen! Thanks again for being the mom and wife you are to the kids and to MY child! I love you and your family beyond words!

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