Missing out

Picnik collage
Well, we have just been partying.  What can we say?? Was that party just so amazing??? I mean, how does allison keep outdoing herself every year??!! She is incredible and we are just so sad we missed it.  Way to go al.  you knock it out of the park everytime.
We didnt get to party in Lubbock, but we did a little partying on our own.  We went on a little vacay with my fam and blair and then came home and did a little chuck e cheese.  It's no dance party, but we do what we can.  And there is no telling how many times sassy rode this ride.  We didnt think she actually put a token in, but we found like four pics when we were leaving and we were cracking up.  She and chuckie.  BFF4E.
Then my friend Julie threw the cutest dr suess party for her little girl Katelyn (that we missed, also, because we miss all the fun)
katelyn's party
She made EVERYTHING, including katelyn's dress!
And, the last, and most important thing we missed-
baby isla
Swweeettt Miss Isla Grace!!
Isnt she so beautiful, oh my gosh. I drove home again on monday just so I could hold her.  Jennifer and Joe ended up holding my babies more than I held Isla, but it was just so fun to see her.  and of course jennifer is gorgeous.  and I know you will all want to know about that cute bow-I am asking her as we speak.  I think Isla just makes it look so good!
ok.  I will be back with a few more internet faves later.  for now, just drool over that cute baby. gosh. she kills me.


Unknown said...

I want Isla's entire wardrobe and I don't even have a kid! Presh! And I love the name Isla...how is it pronounced?

mike+aim+meryl said...

love that isla baby!! :)

teamBoo said...

I was just here admiring your party posts yesterday...I'm SO impressed. My most sincere props to her for being so detail oriented probably on very little sleep, and for the husband that got to filter all that crazy ;)

Thanks for the mention today. It's funny to see those cookie cutter pictures up there as a first impression for your readers cause i'm SUCH a scum bag right now...eating cereal in sweatpants, at 11:00!!

you girls are the cutest. I'll be back!

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