Fresh Start

So, I just decided it was about time for me to hang stuff on my walls.  I mean, we have lived here for almost a year.  Get it together, kristen.
Well, I am kind of getting ahead of myself a little.  First, I was home this weekend for a wedding and my amazing mom watched my kids while I had some alone time at anthro where I found some plates I love.  That made me think of hanging the plates I have at home up on the walls.  Since I dont really know where to hang the plates I have, my ADD mind flipped over to the babies room.  That lead me to some really cute, semi-gender neutral knobs for their dresser (that used to be Avery's and still looks very girly). 
Screen shot 2011-03-14 at 10.02.27 AM
The knobs are a little bit girly with the flower, but I think pretty gender neutral overall with the gray cement feel.
So, then I have moved over from hanging things on my walls to hanging things on the babies walls and repainting their dresser. That led me to painting the kitchen and, back full circle, to hanging stuff on the kitchen walls and in the rest of my house. Whew. My brain is a whirlwind.
Since I have the knobs for the babies room, I am starting there with my renovation.
I searched online on etsy for animal sketches and I ended up finding this amazing artist, Sarah Jane Studios, and ordered a few of her prints.  They werent exactly what I had pictured, but I just couldnt pass her up.  They are so cute!
Picnik collage
I think it was the boy with the dinosaur and tea party that really set me off.  Aves and Sass love tea parties and ben LOVES dinosaurs.
She also has paper dolls and different cards and stuff
My original idea had been bright colors and a lot of ikea stuff.  Now I really dont know because these pictures are pretty vintage and light colors.
I also love these from rifle paper co.
Picnik collage
Here are the beddings from ikea that I like for sass
ikea bedding for sass
maybe with some fun or colored sheets.  And ben could do the polkadots with some green or gray sheets, maybe...
then I loved these from land of nod
land of nod
(sans star pillow)
of course now I just want these orla kiely duvets
Picnik collage
I dont know...
I am still searching through bedding and stuff and may end up at ikea tomorrow just buying everything and trying it out.  I am going to paint their dresser a charcoal gray, I think, or maybe the blue color of the birds in the print of the boy and the birds. And their other piece of furniture navy? Or just cream for that one??  I will keep you posted.
Here's to new beginnings.


fromhousetohome said...

Can't wait to see what you do!!!!

Natalie said...

I love your ideas!! Land of Nod is one of my fav "go to's" for bedding and decor! You are so creative!

Lisa said...

ok - just have to mention that i LOVE the "you might also like" thing at the bottom of your posts. since i have only followed the blog for like the past year, i haven't read it all, and i DO always like what it suggests. :) and love the ideas for the babies room. must meet them. all.

lins said...

the orla kiely duvets are insanely cute!! i really really like the two ikea beds on the far right. and colored sheets are the best. the knobs are totally gender neutral- ben loves nature- flowers = nature. sarah jane studios?? LOVE. I wish i had a kids room to decorate because those prints are just insane. The dinosaur is so ben and the tea party?? yes! I also really really like that elephant and the bunny. It reminds me of babar! I'm homesick!! I miss the Barstads!!

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