Cinnamon Bread

Picnik collage
We had to do it.  I mean, we had to.  And it was pretty much everything we thought it would be.  Delish.
and the crazies helped me.
First, I made the dough and refrigerated it over night.  Then this morning we rolled it out (and I have no idea how she got it to be 20in!  We worked pretty hard to make it like 15.   It definitely worked, but our final result was smaller than hers).
Picnik collage
Then we buttered it and added the cinnamon and sugar mixure. (and not nutmeg because I dont love it)
and they loved that part.
Picnik collage
Then we cut it up into squares.
and stacked them.
and loaded them up into the greased pan,
where they started out bigger and got smaller and did not fill the pan.  bummer.  and never rose again even though we put them out to rise.
Then we pulled them out and they were kinda short, but they tasted UH.MAZING.  And then we took them to Jeff so I would stop eating them.
On to make the cupcakes...


Elizabeth said...

I totally had to make it after your last post! I'm waiting for it to rise before refrigerating at the moment. I hope it turns out OK, so far so good.

Leslie said...

where is the recipe?? i have make this!!

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