Friday Loves

Hope you guys have a great weekend!  We dont have big plans.  Jeff is only on pager call which means he just has to go in and round on sat and sunday and not have to work any 30 hr shifts.  So we are pretty excited about that!  Hopefully we will have a little neighbor horrah, maybe watch a little happy feet ("they sing GLEE, mommy!" oh gosh.  It's Queen aves, its Queen....) and relax...
I know I started out the week with things I was loving from the www but I thought I would share a few more.

Picnik collage

i LOVE this blanket and want to make it right after I finish my granny square one that is taking for-ev-er.  her hats and other blankets were super cute on MADE too.

This mustache party is so so cute!!

I love these personalized buttons!!

how cute is this Wizard of Oz party!??

and check out her pioneer party?! (Sorry, I clearly just discovered One Charming Party) I so would have loved this growing up.  I was kind of Little House on the Prairie and Christi obsessed.

Also, my mother in law (whose house pics you can see a sneak peak at at Nan's blog) has these and I just love them.  We are really into tea parties over here.  and I am really into Ikea.

and love this unicorn.  love it.

ok guys.  happy weekend! hope its a great one!


Jello♥ said...

hey!!! a moustache party! really?? how cool! love it! thanks! love, Jello

Hayley and Aaron said...

I am glad somebody else shares my love for Christy and Little House! I was obsessed. Will we see you next weekend in Abilene? I hope so!

the tichenor family said...

your in-law's house is AMAZING! oh my goodness, gracious. I love every single thing about it. I want to move in. Do you know if they are interested in having a family of four move in permanently? :) We cook and clean. Sorta.

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