Fat Tuesday

Happy FAT TUESDAY guys!!
Picnik collage
make this king cake to celebrate!
and then make these peanut butter chocolate cupcakes.  oh my gosh I could die! These look so amazing!!
and did yall see merediths wall?? she is so cute!! and so creative and funny!! and her boys-oh my gosh so cute.
Do yall know about Jane?  
And have yall seen Baker Bliss???  Jennifer has a cute new blog and her nursery is amazing!
And vote Tiffany for fan favorite!! (cause she is. duh)
and I had not heard about CSN until not long ago.  check out their lights.
Stop everything and go make this pull apart bread right now.  I think it really does melt in your mouth! gosh.  and if it dries out you could make bread pudding with it.  
and i love this cupcake stand!

Ok.  Enough of the links.  Be back with some pretty boring super exciting things we have been doing this week!


Ashley said...

love love love when you post links!!! :) Thanks for sharing!

the tichenor family said...

you are too sweet!!!
that pull apart bread looks amazing. gosh. i eat all the time.

you're the best!

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