oh thursday

In lo of an original idea, since I am lacking in creativity at the moment, well, maybe I am lacking motivation more than creativity as I just cant get myself off of the proverbial couch, here are some web inspirations, yet again.
Picture 16
how cute is Team Boo?? this new to me blogger cracks me up, inspires and makes me wet my pants she is so funny.  and I love her "dont be a drag, be a queen" series.  so cute.
and is it just me, or did anyone else take this in pill form in college trying to lose the freshman fifteen twentyfive??? i love that jane is continuing the trend into the 2000s!
I loved this on public schools.
I am a coffee cake freak, so I def have to make this today (sans rubarb.  i am not a big fan)
and this.  hello homemade goldfish.  i think these are so cute!
i love this water party! and the food and sponges are so cute!
and who is excited about RUE magazine??!
ok guys.  hope thursday is as good as friday to yall!! Here's to hoping...

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