Twins Retro Pool Party

Better late than never is my new motto.  (Lets be honest, maybe thats always been my motto.)  We had the twins party at a local pool by us the day after their real bday.  It was SO MUCH FUN.  I tried to find a pool we could rent and I had expected them to have to be at weird times or late on sunday, but this one was ready and available on saturday morning for so so cheap.  And it had a giant snake obstacle course.  Win win win.
The pool reminded me of the pool from Sandlot (where he gets the life guard to save him and she give him mouth to mouth.  This magic moment... Love that movie.)  But, since the twins knew nothing about anything retro, or even sandlot yet, I kept it to a minimum and just added a vintage looking radio, an actual old fan and a few coke crates.  Nothing too exciting. And I was of course late, so the set up is not my best. But the thought was there.
pool rules
bday table2
It was over cast all morning and rained a little when we walked in, but the clouds saved the real rain for the moment after the lifeguards told us it was about time to get out and then it pouuuuurrred.  Perfect timing.  Everything got soaked as we took it to the car and I ended up getting just as wet staying in my swimsuit loading the car as I had in the pool.
But luckily all that stayed pretty much away until after some major swimming had gone on.
mareschs and aves and ben
A lot of kids from their class came, and of course the regulars who braved the weather and the early morning to drive all the way over.  Thank you everyone who came and got wet (in and out of the pool).  We love you guys so much.
kristen and caroline
sawyer and jenna
harmons and bob
The snake/obstacle course was so fun! The kids (and adults) loved it.  I had never seen anything like it before, but now I wish every pool had one.  Nothing like working your core and upper body strength while eating pizza at a pool party.  Gotta keep it tight.
sawyers turn
Luckily Bob kept his shirt dry for the obstacle course...only to have it soaking wet while he walked to his car later.  Sorry Bob.
aly modeling a coke
I forgot candles so they pretended to blow out the strawberry on top of the strawberry cake.  Luckily they were very forgiving of my lack of brain lately, and the fact that I took more pictures of avery than the birthday kids and never took a pic of them together.
Birthday fail.
singing to ben and sass
the cake
Thankfully they let it all go, ate the cake with their hands and wiped the crumbs on their swimsuits.
Overall it was a fantastic birthday.  Nothing is more fun than swimming in the rain, right?
I love you ben and sass so so much.
Happy birthday.  I cant wait to see what 6 has in store for us.

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