First Official Sleepover!

Ella had a good friend from school sleep over the other night and it was SO much fun! This was the first time we have had someone spend the night (without their mom staying over too) so I didn't really know what to expect. I don't think it could have gone better! They played so well together and even let McKenna feel like she was part of it too. 
Bob worked late so it was just us girls most of the time. Ella requested that I make breakfast for dinner and it was a hit all around. The girls played tag, did gymnastics, watched Sofia Grace and Rosie's Royal Adventures (for like our 100th time), made firefly jars and created artwork galore. 
I had seen this idea on Pinterest a while ago. You just cut open a glow stick and pour it in a mason jar. The long skinny glow sticks didn't work as well but the short fatter ones worked great. The girls loved these and they stayed glowing long enough for them to use them as night lights for bedtime. 
Ella and her friend slept in the guest bed together so I slept in Ella's bed so McKenna could have a sleepover buddy too. It was so fun falling asleep next to the firefly jars. 

I threw out the idea of having a lemonade/cookie stand the next morning where they could also sell their artwork. They loved it and made artwork up until the time to sell it. 
Water color artwork was 25cents, hand drawn was 50cents and anything with jewels was 1 dollar. 
They banked! I can't believe how much money they made! We have had lemonade and cookie stands before and 8 dollars was our highest record. The artwork must have been a game changer. They made 58 dollars and 75 cents! Insane! Everyone that stopped was so impressed with their artwork and just about every customer tipped them. 
Best sleepover EVER!

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