Art Camp

Ella and her friend Katelyn did art camp a couple weeks ago. Julie and I would drop them off at 9 and then pick them back up at noon. The theme for art camp was Bug's Adventure so they would make all kinds of bug themed crafts each day.
You had to be 5 to do the art camp so McKenna and Lily were stuck with us moms for the week. It ended up being such a fun week for the little sisters too! They loved being with just each other and we did a different activity with them each day.
Julie got all kinds of fun art supplies and even made them their own aprons. We set up our own little art camp at the park and let them paint away.
They created some pretty cute father's day gifts.
There was a splash pad at the park so we let them get wet in their clothes. Lucky for me, I am a car hoarder and had a couple of McKenna's dresses in the car for them to change into after. If I had cleaned my car out, we would have soaked the car with wet kiddos, they probably would have cried the whole way home from being cold, might have even gotten them sick from sitting in wet clothes for so long...who knows how bad it could have been. Good thing I basically saved their lives by having some dry clothes. Moral of this story (I'm talking to you babe) is that maybe having a messy car is sometimes better than having a clean one! (just let me think that, it makes me feel better about myself)
We took them to the movie, bounce house place, open gym, fed the ducks and even let them wonder around the dollar store for some fun treats. 
It was such a fun week and we loved getting to see all the cool artwork that the big sisters created! 
Ella was most proud of her clay ladybug. Love my little artist! 

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allyo said...

You are one of the coolest moms ever! Your girls are so blessed!

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