6 months

6 months
Happy 6 months Shea Shea!
You are still an angel who doesn't sleep and isn't too excited about doing any big milestones any time soon.  You just rolled over a couple of weeks ago and are sitting up with help, but not by yourself.  I am in no hurry to get out of the baby stage, so keep up the slow pace.  You are an amazing eater and that makes me very happy.  You are waking up more in the night and I know I am going to have to get that under control, but not yet.
You are very chatty and still just so fun to be around.  You laugh and laugh at ben and your sisters and it is the best.
For your birthday we rode our bikes to Dairy Queen with ben and sass and avery and we made it (it was touch and go a little bit...)
 You fell asleep on the way there and back and loved getting to have some bites of blizzards.  Overall, it was a pretty good half birthday.
We love you baby Shea.  Thank you for making our lives so much better than we ever even thought.

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