Destin 2014

Just getting around to blogging the beach trip we went on over a month ago...

My girls call Destin, Florida "Pappy's Beach." Bob's family has been going there for as many summers as they can. I have been with them 5 times and it is always so much fun!  The memories that are made between all the cousins are so special and it makes me so so happy that we got to go this year. Bob had taken a week off in early May already for our 10 year anniversary. We thought that maybe we would be able to get away somewhere but things just didn't work out so we were so excited when a family beach trip was planned around the same time Bob had time off!
We drove there and it turned out to be a pretty fun road trip. We split it up on the way there but did it all in one day on the way back.
We went straight to the beach the second we got there!
In the past years we have rented condos or a house to all stay in. This year was by far my favorite because we all stayed in a house on the beach. It even had it's own little pool at the house and it made the trip SO much easier and less stressful. It was so nice to just walk outside and go straight to the beach. It was so close that we didn't have to pack a million bags and worry about getting sand in everything. There was always someone at the house so kids could just run up to use the restroom or grab a snack. Having the pool was so nice too. We would start each day on the beach and end it in the pool. It was the perfect vacation house. Destiny by the Sea was the name of the neighborhood. We went the first week of May and the weather and crowds were perfect.

The kids flew kites on the beach, built sandcastles galore, boogie boarded, requested a sand mermaid tail daily and even had a water ballon war one afternoon.
IMG_6844PicMonkey Collage1PicMonkey CollagePicMonkey Collage3PicMonkey Collage2
We loved walking on the beach at night and even caught a crab one night!
McKenna in a hat might be my new favorite thing. This kid could have looked for sea shells all. day. long. That was her very favorite thing. I went to one of the beach stores one day and bought a big batch of big sea shells. I hid them in the sand where she was looking one day and she thought she hit the jackpot when she found them. It was so cute.
Playing tennis is something we have done every trip and it was so fun with all the cousins this year.
We definitely brought the party wherever we went.
Loved watching all the cousins dance together.
With 6 out of the 7 cousins being girls, there was lots of hair doing and nail painting. We french braided hair one night so everyone could wake up with beautiful beach waves.
A huge millstone happened for Ella at the beach! She lost her first tooth! It couldn't have been more perfect. Adalyn and her lost one on the same day and she was over the moon about it. Ella's tooth was pretty lose but it probably would have hung on for another week or so. The second Adalyn's tooth came out though, it was just minutes later that Ella pulled hers out.
This was so big for me too. My first tooth fairy experience. A couple girls in Ella's class would bring a picture to school that had the tooth fairy in it after they lost a tooth. Ella had been talking about it all year and telling me that once she lost a tooth, I had to set my camera up so we could get a pic when the tooth fairy came. As soon as she lost her tooth, she reminded me to set the camera up. So I texted a mom from her class to get the info on this magical tooth fairy that shows up in pictures. Turns out for just 9.95 you can pick what color dress she wears and everything. (Capturethemagic.com)I thought it was going to be tricky getting a picture of the girls sleeping since all 6 of them were in the buck room together. That tooth fairy must be pretty talented. She managed to get some great pics and had the dollar bill inside of a sea shell.
My sister in law Aly found this amazing photographer Alissa Aryn to take our pictures on the beach. Of course picture day was the most overcast and windiest day but I love how they turned out.
Can't wait for the next family beach trip! 

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Misty said...

My BFF just went to Sea Side/Watercolor & rented a condo. I am dying to go to Florida! {even more after reading this post!} :) Lyndon doesn't have any vacation time left until November, so I might just start planning until I can actually GO! :) :)

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