End of Year Gifts, Goodbye Party and Welcome to the Neighborhood Treats!

Man. What a range of emotions over here. We have been saying goodbye to teachers, good friends and welcoming new ones. Luckily all can be done better with a batch of Kristen's cookies.
I am proud to say that my cookie fluffiness has been pretty spot on lately. Kristen's chocolate chip cookies were my go to for teacher gifts this year and I'm pretty sure I gained 5 pounds in the last week of school from eating so many of them. They really are just the best. 
McKenna on her last day of school. Love that kid's style.
For McKenna's teacher I gave a beach towel and mason jar cup with her name on each one. I then filled up some brown paper sacks with cookies to give each helper.
I found this super cute printable that said, "thanks for making me one smart cookie." I printed them off on sticker paper and they were perfect for sealing the cookies up.

Ella loved the cookie idea and wanted to give some to pretty much every teacher she had in her school. Art, PE, Computer, Music, lunch ladies, janitors, office staff and principals. Makes my heart happy to see that her love language is gift giving. Since we had so many to make I put 3 cookies in smaller paper sacks that I found in the dollar bin at Michaels. The labels worked perfect on these too. 
For Ella's teacher and our favorite office ladies, I put together an orange themed gift. I feel in love with this printable and wanted to use it. I found these super cute orange summer scarfs from Charming Charlie's and added some fun orange nail polish with it. 
Ella also wanted to give a little something to her classmates so she made them these cute mini diplomas with smarties. I saw this idea on Pinterest and thought they were so cute! 
Ella wrote everyone a little message on each one and then we rolled them around the smarties. 

Ella received the most perfect Character Trait Award at her graduation. Creativity!
I am so proud of her! Her sweet teacher talked about how Ella is the one to count on to color, dance, design, add flare and beauty to anything. She said that Ella makes the world more colorful and fun. I couldn't agree more and it makes me so happy to see others recognize Ella's gifts and talents. Her teacher put a verse with each character award and the one she said with Ella's was Romans 12:6. Having gifts that differ according to the grace given to us, let us use them...
I love watching Ella take the ordinary and turn it into the extraordinary. I can't wait to see how God uses her gifts for His glory. 

My sweet friend Suni is moving to Oklahoma in 9 days. Boo. Suni was my very first friend to meet when we moved here and we are so sad to see them leave. Suni has a love and talent for cooking and baking. She whips stuff up that is always incredible and makes it look so easy. A dessert for dinner farewell party seemed perfect for her! The theme was Don't Dessert Us! It was with our church and everyone was asked to bring a dessert. It was awesome. I wish I had taken pictures of all the tables full of yummy desserts. Wish I had some of the recipes too. 
I made the Don't Dessert Us banner using my silhouette and made some cupcake liner bunting to go along with the dessert theme.
Since they are moving to Oklahoma I thought it was perfect to make a sign that said "It's OK to eat dessert first!" 
It was a fun night celebrating such sweet friends with lots of yummy sweets. We will miss them so much! 

Residency life is crazy because people are always coming and going. We will be here for one more year and it's so sad thinking about that as we have and continue to make so many wonderful friends. We actually just got some new neighbors just yesterday that are part of the residency program. Jackie is about to start her first year of residency and she is married to our very good friend Andy! Kristen and I met Andy in college at ACU and he was always one of our favorites. Then when Bob was a dorm director after we were married, Andy was one too. Bob and Andy became best friends and we made some good Abilene memories with him. Andy and Jackie got married last summer and we are over the moon that they moved here and are only 12 houses down from us! This is going to be the best year ever! It takes us under 4 minutes to walk to their house! My girls love Andy and Jackie. They helped me make them a welcome sign to put in their yard and we even snuck in their backyard to add a little sidewalk chalk flare. 
We walked over yesterday to deliver some cookies and a list of some of our favorite spots in town. Mostly revolved around food but also the best places for haircuts, spray tans, and popcorn. Ya know, the important stuff. 
The girls and I walked back home to get dinner ready last night while Bob helped scrap some popcorn ceilings. Then we all ate dinner together and even watched a little of the Bachelorette. It was just the best day! 
Hope everyone is having a great start to summer! 


jennifer said...

Hi Allison and Kristen! I'm coming out of lurk-dom to comment for the first time. Allison, I was your RA in Nelson and my husband went to school with Kristen at CHHS. Anyway, love your blog! Also, small world because Jackie was one of our youth group girls when we lived in Abilene!! So fun for you guys to be neighbors!

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