Summer Dares 2014

While  jeff and I were busy watching tv or doing something mundane, Avery and our old neighbors, Mazzy and Jaden, came up with the idea to have summer dares this summer.  I think she has about 40 in all.  I immediately, in true go big or go home fashion, grabbed her idea and ran with it.
I think I got over involved and she wishes I would just let her be and do her own dares, but what kind of mom would I be if I let her do that??? Encouraging and pushing her to be her own person, maybe, but I am a leech, at the very least, and I cant pass on clinging to a good idea.  
Her first dare was for everyone to sleep downstairs and so we made a pallet and made it happen.
It was a huge hit!
They actually slept the whole night and when we woke up and went downstairs, we found them watching reruns of America Ninja Warrior.  Obviously.
Since then we have done a few dares and we have had so much fun.  Sometimes they are ones she has written down and sometimes we make up new ones.
1. We played charades 2. Jeff fed a reed deer with his mouth. He is insane. 3. Sawyer jumped in the pool with her clothes on 4. Ben caught a fish 5. Ben, Sawyer and I dyed our hair pink with koolaid.  Once avery saw us doing it, she get less interested in it.  Having her mom do it has already made things less cool to her and she is only in second grade.  Poor aves.  I just get excited.  Luckily ben and sass were up for it and had pink hair for a while.  Bens didnt actually take very well because I kept trying to dip his hair into the kool aid while it was hot.  Clearly I had never heard of mixing it with conditioner and painting it on.  I think that would have been better all around.
I have been putting them on instagram and hashtagging #summerdares2014, so if you are on instagram and want to play along, hashtag some of your dares and I will show them off over here. We'll keep you posted on all the things that get accomplished in the name of a dare.  I cant wait to see what all we dare to do!

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christiejayne said...

I love this! Have your kiddos seen the movie Judy Moody and the not bummer summer? Same concept... So much fun!

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