Michael + Caroline

whole fam2
Michael and Caroline got engaged this weekend!!
the kids
I just love them so much together and apart and could not be more excited for them. I am so so excited about having her in our lives forever and having another sister.
He popped the question (and she said yes!), and then he and my mom (and christopher and kyla, of course) came up with a fantastic surprise family party for her afterwards.
Since she works for Southwest airlines, we ran flew with the plane theme.  They used all of Southwest's "Nonstop Love" slogans and made banners for Michael and Caroline with their own logo with their names on it.
They never cease to amaze me, those three.
here they come!
It was just so much fun.
And she was totally surprised!
walking in
caroline and her mama
mama hug and jake
minnie and caroline
we pulled it off
mom and michael
more toasting
toasting with everyone
burns girls
new brothers
andrew harmons minus luke
linds and andrew
little cousins
taylor jo with a ring
my sisters and aves
linda and reef
taylor jo is a doll
kristen and tiff
carolines friends
nonstop love
avery and shannon
patrick and sass and mig
patrick and shannon and kids
reefs face
dancing queens
my girls
me and naked baby shea
And my baby was so overwhelmed with excitement that she cried tears of joy the entire time and had to be driven around to finally calm down (which we have never done).  Just so much LOVE pouring out everywhere.
Love you guys SO MUCH and cant wait for the wedding planning to begin!!!

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