Shea's Newborn Pics (by my incredible cousin heather halbert of course)

family pic bk and white
I just can not get over every single picture.
family pic color
I am sorry.  I know I am a broken record, but these just make me cry.  Everytime Heather takes our pictures she makes us look so much better than we normally do.  And also just captures my family in the most incredibly normal ways.  I do not know how she does it.
table dancing
shea and jeff on the couch
shea on my lap2
I am going to share them all, and, if you tire of looking at tiny humans and moms who's clothes dont fit yet, you may want to skip to the next post.
shea on my lap2 copy
fam pic blk wite
me and sass black and white
jeff and shea
jeff, shea and sass
kristen feeding shea on bed
kristen talking to shea
aves feeding shea
kristen aves and shea2
(the stethoscope is not a prop.  It is a toy that they would not put down even though I told them all to put it down while heath took pics.  Clearly they listen well.)
kristen avery and shea
avery holding shea4
putting on sheas clothes
putting on sheas clothes2
my mom got me the incredible rainbow blanket and I made the knitted onsie.  I never blocked it so it looks like she is a wrestler with a robe on at the top.  I have yet to master knitting actual clothes.  And those buttons are bad.  I never changed them or bought more, brown random buttons it is.
sass holding shea
holy worn out jeans, batman.
ben feeding shea
laying shea down
shea in her crib in our room
kids and shea
shea in star onsie
shea yawning
shea in her rainbow sheets
Her crib is in our room right now, at the end of our bed, but we plan on moving her back to her room as soon as I decide I am ready.  So, never :)
gracie in sheas room
kristen feeding shea in her room
kristen feeding shea3
clearly we feed the kid.  She is eating in like every pic.
sass in sheas room
Jeff made the ark for the twins two by two party and it goes perfectly with her name (the whole olive branch thing) and her rainbow sheets that I made with my spoonflower fabric.
the ark
shea in her room
shea swaddled2
and the rest of the crazies were off having a good time while we were taking pics.
kids room
Thank you thank you thank you heather.  Thank you for using your talent to literally make peoples lives! I can never tell you how much I treasure every single picture.


Lifethrualinds said...

I can not get over these pics! Nor will I ever tire of looking at pics of your tiny humans. Such amazing pics. Love love every single one!

Carrie said...

I love these so so much. The one of you holding Sassy is a tearjerker. And then the way Avery is making the exact same "shhh" face as you while she holds Shea? I can't stand it.

Brittany Strebeck said...

well these are down right beautiful. thanks so much for sharing, kristen! you have one sweet, happy home.

The Rodriguez Crew said...

I just don't think you have any idea that what makes you and your little family SO so great, is that you're so relatable. Perfectly imperfect. And seriously, could you be a more gorgeous mom!? This blog is still one of my very favorites. :)

PS. The knit onesie is just darling!!

Misty said...

i can't stop looking at these. you have a gorgeous family. Will you share where you bought the crib? I LOVE that chalkboard wall! Every single photo is perfect. Congratulations, again!

Kate said...

what incredible memories that are captured so beautifully! does Heather travel? seriously, she is really good. Of course, she had a pretty cute family to work with! Everything just looks so lovely.

Liz Luscomb said...

These pictures are so, so, so good! Gorgeous family, too! All of these pictures will become such a family treasure. ;)
God bless!

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