Personalized Christmas Gifts & Teacher Treats

Christmas was so last year.
Sorry guys! I was so behind. This is my last Christmas post and then hopefully I will have some more up to date stuff.

For Christmas I made some personalized board games for all the little cousins. I had too much fun with it!
I bought some Guess Who board games and just attached everyone's picture on top of the original image. The game comes with different cardboard sheets that you slide in the back of the game piece. I played around with everyone's picture in my silhouette program and added different characteristics to make the game more fun. I printed the pictures on printing paper, glued them to the cardboard and then laminated the whole piece with packing tape. It really was so easy to do. 
There are 15 people in Bob's side with all the kids so it was perfect because that is exactly how many spaces there were on the board game.

We had a white elephant gift exchange with Bob's family and I was so excited about my gift.  I ordered an Awkward Family Holiday Photo book from Amazon. It was hilarious!
I added some of our own awkward  fun family photos in the book.
I made this shirt to go with my gift as well. I was really cracking myself up over this one, I thought I was so funny! I heat pressed a white elephant on a shirt! Get it?!

We have the most amazing mailman. He is the sweetest guy and knows everyone by name. We have an alley mailbox which is not my favorite at all but he makes up for it. His name is Matthew and the girls love waving to Matthew the mailman whenever we see him around the neighborhood. We usually leave a little tasty treat in the mailbox for him each holiday but I wanted to do something extra special this year.
I bought a paper mache mailbox from hobby lobby and then the girls painted it gold. I hot glued it to a candle stick and we turned it into a trophy! The girls filled it with sweet notes and pictures and I added a starbucks gift card.

Ella wanted to give each one of her classmates a little Christmas treat so we made a big batch of the rolo pretzel things. Ella decorated a bag for each kid and then we filled them up. She made each bag special for each girl. She would use their favorite colors and spent so much time on them, it was very sweet. Then there were the boy's bags.  She told me she was going to make those bags look crazy because all the boys are crazy. Ha! At least they are all still her BFF. Love that girl.
We attached a rainbow loom to each bag too. Not sure how I feel about those things yet. They are cute once they are made but kind of a nightmare to make. Maybe it's the thousands of tiny rubber bands that McKenna loves to spread everywhere.
For teacher gifts this year I gave my all time favorite popcorn. Jalapeño Ranch. I really should try to make my own. I found a place in Austin that made it but they were sold out of the huge bags so I didn't get to fill each bag up as much as I wanted. Everyone just got a little taste of the amazingness behind Jalapeño Ranch popcorn.
Hope everyone's Holidays really were POPPIN'! 


Misty said...

I am stalking your blog & LOVING every post! That guess who game is AMAZING! La La La LOVE it! ;)

Misty said...

I am stalking your blog & LOVING every post! That guess who game is AMAZING! La La La LOVE it! ;)

Anna Schafer said...

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