Christmas Break Recap

Bob had the whole week after Christmas off so we had so much fun getting to spend time with family and friends. 
We did our family Christmas on Christmas Eve morning and then got on the road. Ella asked Santa for a sewing machine this year and McKenna wanted a big chair like Ella's and a new baby doll. Looks like they were extra good this year. Not only did Santa upgrade McKenna's chair to a bigger size but he also got Ella a new cover for her chair. Good ole' Santa Claus.
I love Christmas morning. It just makes me giddy and it is so cool having our own little family to start traditions with. We start with opening stockings first and then the wrapped gifts under the tree. 

After we finished our Christmas, we loaded the car and headed straight to the hospital to meet baby Shea! We couldn't wait!!! We brought lots of homemade shirts of course!
She is just so tiny and so perfect guys.
Ella had a little cough so we wanted to be extra safe around sweet baby Shea.

We then went to my parents for the night and had Christmas morning at their house with Anna and Tyler too. It was so fun!
A favorite gift all around was this magic sand stuff that my mom found. I think it's called living sand. She first saw it at Brookstone but then bought it at Learning Express. It is so cool! It feels crazy and doesn't stick to your hands at all. It's kinda crazy. The girls love it and play with it all the time.
McKenna can never have too many baby dolls. Her very favorite thing and I love to watch her little mommy come out as she plays with them.
My dad always tells my girls that they are a nut. They say back to him, No! Poppa is a nut! Ella came up with the idea all by herself to make him a shirt that said Poppa is a nut! I thought is was so clever and such a great idea.

We headed over to Bob's parents house Christmas Day evening and then had Christmas there. It was a fun filled day! A blurred picture sums up Booth Family Christmas pretty good. The kids have so much fun together and play non stop.
Do you know what this is?! It is a playhouse that Bob's dad Billy is building for all the grandkids! Can you believe it?! AMAZING. He is just about done with them now and ours is to arrive this coming weekend!!! I don't know who is more excited, me or the girls!
It is even going to have a fireplace! Lillian's request.
They gave each kid some decorations to put in the house and then took them out back to see the process on the houses. All the other cousins had known about the playhouses but I had never said a word about it to my girls. They couldn't believe it. They are so so excited!
McKenna loved getting everyone's order at the window.

We spent the rest of the week bouncing back and fourth between our parent's houses,
Screen Shot 2014-01-08 at 2.39.14 PM
LegoLand with Kristen and her kids,
squeezing on Blakely,
 double date to Barter,
getting my hair cut and colored by my talented sister!,
and then celebrating the new year with the best of friends.
Bring it on 2014!

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Misty said...

LOVE the sewing machine! I can't wait to post a photo of something I {try} to sew & hashtag it with ELLACANSEWBETTERTHANME


I LAUGHED when I 1st saw the stocking pic. I thought it just said BRAT above it... I thought, Well Santa... you're on the naughty list for that, but then I saw the E :)

The pic of you holding sweet Shea makes me think you need a baby in your arms sooner than later haha Can't wait to google the sand & see what that's all about :) The sand box is a fave here at the Tharp house in the summer. Ella is definitely her mamas daughter with the tshirt creativity! so so sweet. the play house looks beyond incredible! I mean, I could just move in and have you teach me crafty stuff all day. :) Happy New Year Booth Family!

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