Easter in lubbock!

Remember when we moved in Casa Grande with our sweet friends Jordan, Brittany and Chris? Well, we had a little casa grande reunion this last weekend and it was absolutely perfect! 
Chris is moving to Midland next weekend and Jordan, Brittany and Cooper are headed to Boston in a few months. All this adult life stuff is no fun when everyone moves apart. It was so good to spend the weekend back in casa grande with everyone. So so good!
The boys smoked A LOT of meat (brisket, pork, turkey and salmon)
and us girls ate a lot of meat, along with everything else. Good thing I brought my Insanity workout and made Brittany and Amy do it with me:)
Ok, here is a little random side note to tie in this next story.
My mom put a pie in my face at one of my birthday parties. She is so fun! It was a complete shock to me but I loved it.!
I even got another surprise pie in my face for my 16th birthday when I walked into Kristen's house!
Ella is the kid that loves to watch my wedding video and look through old pictures of me growing up. After seeing these pictures, she has told me for the longest time that she wants a pie in her face like Jo Jo did to me. Well, Brittany and Amy helped me make Ella's wish come true and it couldn't have been more fun! Cooper's 1st birthday party (which looked amazing!) was a couple of weeks ago and Brittany had three sheets of cake leftover in the freezer. Amy had the genius idea to ice them and smash one in Ella's face. It was priceless and I am so thankful Brittany took pictures of the whole thing.
I wanted to make sure this wasn't going to traumatize Ella so earlier that day I asked her if she would laugh or cry if someone put a cake in her face. She told me she would laugh. I couldn't wait! After dinner I told Ella that we had a surprise for her and she needed to sit in the chair with her eyes closed.
I snuck up behind with cake in hand and smashed it in her face.
I obviously thought it was hilarious.
Ella was shocked but loved it!
It only got better from there.
Amy let Ella smash a cake in her face too!
Chris protected Cooper and Kenna while Bob and Jordan joined in on the fun.
My friend Celeste stopped by and was lucky enough to witness all this cake craziness! It was just so fun!
It really was the best weekend and we loved spending Easter with our sweet sweet friends! Love you guys so much!
Thank you Brittany for being the best hostess and taking pictures! 


BrookeD said...

I love the cake craziness!! How fun!!!

jojo said...

What a wonderful weekend with great friends and lots of fun cake smashing!! Love it!

Misty said...

Love that you guys took 'smash cake' to a new level. :) why did your mom smash the pie in your face? Just wondering if there was a funny story behind it. What a fun Easter weekend!

Erica Vanessa said...

I love Brittany's dress and cardi. Wondering who the maker is?

Nina said...

hahaha I LOVE the pics of you cracking up with Ella!

the tichenor family said...

SO FUN!!! what a precious memory-- the pictures of you and Ella with the cake are too sweet!

Micki said...

Hahaha...I found that calendar the other day with that old school pic on it!!! LOVE that memory...so happy you started it with Ella!!!

Cortney said...

Where did you find those pink jeans? I am loving the look!

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