Barstad Easter

We had our first Easter in our own house this year.  We just kind of wanted to stay around here and not have to drive so our friends came over and Jeff's parents came over from their lake house.  It was such a fun day, but I definitely missed my family!
Last week, Sassy and I decided to make elastic waist skirts for the girls  and I for Easter. She loved it and was a huge help.  That girl loves crafting in any form (mostly being in charge in every form, I think) and literally painted all of our skirts.
Then, she wouldn't wear hers.
Obviously she could not be told what to do! How could I have been so naive.  I thought I had let her control her entire wardrobe- I was wrong.
And Averys had to have stripes down the side because it was too small.  So, we ended up looking like a ragged crew, but at least its the thought that counts??  I did wear mine, and when I got to church I just felt so, you know, homemade, with everyone in their cute clothes that didn't have uneven hems and strings hanging off of everywhere.  I think it had been too long since my last set of skirts.  I need to practice a little more before our next holiday.
For some Easter decor, I found these branches in the trash after we trimmed our bushes and decided to do some wreaths around our house.  I had seem them over here (hers were winter-like but for some reason they seemed kind of spring-like.)
In true kristen fashion, I kind of went overboard and put them everywhere...
wreath on window
wreath on window2
I found some hydrangeas and peonies at the store along with these cool black flowers??? I don't know what they are, but I think they are so cool.  So I took 1000 pictures of them.
We smoked our first brisket and made rolls and beans and the whole thing.  It was so delicious.  I also made MADE's carrot cake and it was a hit!  (I love how she does it in a jelly roll pan and then cuts them into circles- more room for her amazing frosting!) My neighbor told me she was doing it for her family and I just loved that idea! Carrot cake on easter is so perfect.
The kids made the sign coming in for the day.
writing on chalkboard
Then the kids got to finally hunt their eggs.  We made them wait all morning and through lunch and then tortured them through dessert.  Luckily they made it through.
kids on porch2
kids on the porch
ben on the hunt
sassy hunting
ben cheesing
sass and avery hunting
avery and sassy hunting3
Then it was time to sort the candy.  Serious business.
sassy sorting
sorting their candy
Shaun, katelyn and Lily sorting through Katelyn's loot.
shaun, katelyn and lily
Lily was so excited about the swedish fish.  Me too, Lil. Me too.
lily smiling
The skirt in person.  (since you cant see it on sassy...)
Happy easter from my family (and incredibly swollen face from wayyy too much salt late the night before and bad hair) to yours!
family pic


ms.composure said...

looks like so much fun!! def looks like you guys had a great easter!!


Misty said...

gorgeous family :) we stayed home this Easter too... it felt strange because we always drive to visit family, but I loved having everyone over at our home. Your wreaths are so pretty. I just love the color of your walls with the white curtains. Please come decorate my home. It needs a lil help. :)

Beth said...

Your kids are so cute. And you are so awesome - love the wreaths, skirts, swedish fish. All of it. :)

the tichenor family said...

LOVING those wreaths-- and I actually think they look amazing in all of your windows. Still obsessed with that chandelier over your breakfast table. So pretty!!

Happy Easter Barstad fam!

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