Some good eggs

sassy taking pics
This year I had this clear vision of what I wanted the easter shirts to look like and its kind of amazing how much the shirts ended up matching my vision.  That never happens! I am so clumsy and so off and always missing huge details of the process and it turns out all wrong. It is so exciting how far technology has come that I can make a shirt with a sketch when I can not sketch to save my life.
sassy taking pics2
(sassy was taking pics as we went :)
I used the silhouette for the image.
I imported the image to it and then used the trace method to make it look like a sketch and not a picture.
I saw how to do it on homemade by jill.  She is so amazing.  Check out her tutorial here.  Then, I burned it onto a screen with a $7 light that I bought at a random store in town.
bens easter shirt2
 I didn't even have to go outside and use the sun 15 times before it worked.
SO exciting.
The silhouette really is the best.  I did not really know how much I would love it,  nor did I dive into learning about it until recently, and I'm really so glad I did.
I don't know that much about it even now, but what I have figured out, I love.
easter shirts-avery
Anyway, I should have bought just plain t-shirts for the girls since its clearly a more, I don't know, relaxed(?) image and looks funny on a dress, but you win some you lose some.
Unfortunately, (and I know this will shock you) we couldn't all be up and ready by the time avery left for school, so our pics are not all together. And you know they are gonna come home from their easter egg hunt all sticky and covered in chocolate :)
Maybe a dirty pic with everyone after school.
ben and sassy easter2
ben and sassy easter-good
ben and sassy easter-fullshot
And on the Easter note, I just wanted to say that we are so blessed to be able to celebrate a Savior who came down and died for us and then was miraculously raised to life again so that we could know what it is like to be loved and have life.  The eggs are not what this holiday is about, and we are just thankful to have the opportunity to be redeemed and loved even though we are truly unworthy.
Praise God from whom all blessings flow!


Carrie said...

Love these and love Sassy's peep-toe shoes!

Lifethrualinds said...

I totally need to know how you burned that image. It turned out perfect! Love the shirts and your kids are too cute for words!

Amber said...

I love y'alls blog. I found it when looking for 30th birthday ideas on (you guessed it) pinterest! I have to know how you did the burn technique for those shirts. They are precious! I have just recently purchased a silhouette and am in love with it. I love using the heat vinyl!

the tichenor family said...

aaaaaaaamazing. you continue to inspire me and make me want to be your bff/neighbor again & again!! can you pleasssse tell me about this $7 light from heaven that you've found. gah, nothing more frustrating than the attempt to burn a screen with sunlight.

your sketch is too cute, the tees are darling... and so are you cuties!

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