Confetti Eggs with Fruity Pebbles

I was just gonna throw this out there in case you guys are gonna make confetti eggs for tomorrow- put fruity pebbles in it!  Allison gave me that idea and it was a blast! The kids loved cracking on each other's heads and making them.  
We just poked a hole at the top of the egg and poured out the insides.
Then we dyed them, rinsed them and filled them.
There was a little bit of snacking in between.
And afterwards we used the rest of the fruity pebbles and marshmallows and made rice krispie treats with them.  (But I guess they aren't rice krispie treats- fruity pebble treats, I guess.  I am such a genius.)
Hope you are having a great holiday weekend!!
He is risen!

1 comment:

the tichenor family said...

Ummm, LOVE this idea. My boys are obsessed with confetti eggs-- so we may have to make them a year-round attraction around these parts. Definitely adding this to my things to do list.

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