I would say Ella is a pretty well behaved kid. I mean, she has her moments and days just like we all do, but most of the time she follows the rules. 
When I picked her up from school the other day, her sweet teacher was telling me that Ella hadn't been following the rules and when she would try to talk with Ella about it, she would close her eyes real tight and puff her cheeks out. She had Ella show me the face and assumed she had done it at home too. This was the first time I had seen Ella make that face. I asked her where it came from and she said "Poppa." Ella's teacher and I burst out laughing. I explained to Ella that when an adult is talking to her (especially if you are in trouble) you look them in the eyes and listen. Then I called my dad. He got a kick out of it too but said he doesn't make that face. It's such a classic Poppa face, he doesn't even realize it.
Speaking of Poppa, he had a birthday last Thursday! The girls made him a beautiful hand painted canvas. 
I saw the idea on pinterest. I bought a black canvas from Hobby Lobby and taped off "I heart Poppa." I now realize that it would have been much faster and looked much better if I had used my silhouette to cut letters out of vinyl. 
I mixed finger paint to shades of cameo and let the girls go at it.
McKenna was vey hesitate at first but then loved it so much that she decided to paint her car.
Happy Birthday Dad! I am so thankful for the man that you are and my girls adore you. It would be ok with me if they copied you always. You are a wonderful role model. I love you so much!

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jojo said...

What a fun gift for poppa, He can put it in his hunting house. Love the way Ella copies him. He is a sweet poppa to those beautiful girls.

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