egg dying, hunting and smashing

How cute are the Easter shirts that Kristen made?! I just LOVE them! I love when a vision comes to life. I am in the process of trying to make my Vegas shirt vision happen. My sister requested black shirts with neon ink. I love the combo and think it's going to be perfect for a Vegas celebration! The neon ink on a dark shirt is a little more complicated though, there has to be a white layer of paint first for the neon to really stand out. I couldn't figure out how to make that work with the design I have made for the shirts so I went to plan B yesterday. I ordered some neon heat transfer vinyl. Have any of you guys ever used that before? I think it is going to be great! I'm thinking I can use my silhouette to cut out my images and then iron the heat transfer onto the shirts. We'll see!
Besides visions of shirts dancing in my head, we've been Easter happy over here. Lots of egg dying, hunting, smashing and even some blue bonnet pictures. 
Ella and I used kool-aid to dye some eggs and they turned out great. Definitely not as bright as the ones we copied from pinterest, but I'm guessing her 4 year old was more patient than mine and let them soak longer:)
Before we dipped them in the kool-aid we colored some with white crayon, striped some with tape and put stickers on a few.
We had an Easter egg lunch hunt that was so fun! (saw it on pinterest of course) I filled a dozen eggs with grapes, chips, fruit snacks, crackers, marshmallows, turkey sandwiches, chocolate covered pretzels and then hid them all over the backyard. Once Ella and McKenna filled their buckets, we opened them up and had a picnic lunch outside. They loved it!
Once Kenna found her golden egg (sandwiches in the gold ones) she was happy and done hunting.
We have had a smashing good time this week. (bahaha)
Hope everyone has a wonderful Easter weekend!


laura jo said...

Lunch in Easter Eggs is such a clever idea! I'm going to have to pin this post. After all, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery (or something like that?). I love the cascarones smashing, too. Fun fun!

Carrie said...

Beautiful girls! That bluebonnet picture is so sweet. Yay Texas!

the tichenor family said...

oh allison, i am LOVING the Easter egg lunch picnic, so cute!! and sweet ella has GORGEOUS hair just like her mama. your girls are so precious!

Misty said...

get out of my head!! :) I was going to email you about tips for printing on black shirts... my sis in laws shirts were a mess! :/ LOVE the last pic of your girls. that is just gorgeous!

Melanie said...

Yes! I have done iron on transfer cut out with my silhouette. It is super fast and easy. Just make sure you set the iron on there long enough or the image will start to peel off after a couple washes.

Love the lunch egg hunt idea!

Leslie said...

Totally doing that tomorrow!! So cute Allison!!

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