A lot of ins and a lot of outs...

So...spring is here! I mean.  The weather is just too much.
Too much goodness!
It is cool in the morning and hot in the afternoon and then cool at night again.  uh mazing.  We haven't been doing anything really different or fantastic as of late, but it has been nice.
We got a kiddie pool from the wal mart.
kiddie pool
and we are
avery sprayin
love-ing it.
sassy in pool
kiddie pool2
kiddie pool3
kiddie pool4
Ben pulled out the big guns
ben flexing
but really did not have any time for sassy's.
sassy flexing
We went to the park a few times with julie and the fam before they are out of here and I cant be pried out of my closet with a forklift because of obsessive mourning.
How can I not see this face every week??
Avery's school had a little carnival last weekend and it was a blast.
We took our neighbor and it was just like I always dreamt it would be- we waited in line for one activity that 2/3 of my kids chickened out of, and then got a sno cone and left. Thats the stuff dreams are made of, right there.
(I have no idea what the mark is on sawyer's head and clearly everyone dressed themselves in age inappropriate attire...)
Hope you guys had a great week too!


jennifer said...

that pic of sass in the pool is amazing!!! i love it! and ben and his muscles... too cute ben!! and aves is still rockin the cowboy boots, such a texas gal!

BrookeD said...

I LOVE all of it! Those beautiful babies!!! :)

And NO talking about Julie leaving!!!!

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