DIY water bed

I saw this idea on pinterest a while back and thought it would be so fun! It is basically a giant water bed in the back yard. Mine was kind of a fail but the girls still played on it for hours so it was totally worth it. I bought two plastic sheets and duck tape from Home Depot. 
All the sides need to be duck taped together. I think if I had done this inside it would have been much easier, or maybe if it hadn't been crazy windy. At least Bob's medical books got a little dusting.
 I left a small hole in the corner for the water hose to fit through. The one I saw on pinterest had put blue food coloring in with the water and I love that idea. 
If Bob had been home I think everything would have worked perfectly. He is the brains in the family and thinks of how to make things work before even trying. I do think things through, but sometimes my excitement blocks out my common sense. For example, he would have known not to lay the plastic going downhill. It took me 20 minutes of filling it up with water to realize it was all just going to the end of the plastic and needed to be on a flat surface. Genius, I know. So I moved it over to a flatter area and tied off half of the bag. It would have taken forever to fill the whole thing. I guess my Go Big or Go Home motto didn't work with this project.
Ella loved it so much! McKenna did too but only if I was with her at all times. She would just giggle as she ran around on it but would never let go of my hand.
I want to do this again for sure but maybe with a smaller plastic sheet, some fun food coloring and Bob.


Anonymous said...

That's so funny! I was just telling Mark about this & how I saw it on Pinterest and made him look at it! We were thinking of doing it, too! I'm glad it worked for you!!!

Ashley@The Vanilla Tulip said...

SO FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How have I not seen this!?
Definitely going to have to give it a whirl!

ms.composure said...

such a cute idea!!


Camila said...

Brilliant. So doing this!

shane lee said...

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