A few sewing projects

I recently drug out the sewing machine from hiding and decided that I may try to leave it out... It is risky considering I have crazy kids running around, but I just have been so afraid of something happening to it, that I was leaving it put up and then not learning or doing anything with it.
I want to learn how to sew for real and I know that I won't be able to learn if I don't try and mess up and then try again. 
I am just not always the best at most things and then I have this way of completely glossing over the details and then doing it wrong and having to fix my mistakes and then quitting because I am over it. 
I am so much fun to do projects with.
Anyway, Ashley just had her beautiful baby girl, Layla Pearl and I went to temple last week to hold her until I couldn't anymore.  It was just the best day.  We went to allison's first and the kids played together and then ashleys and I held her until I had to leave.  Ash looked amazing and mason was so sweet.  It was just so much fun!
I made these diaper covers (using this tutorial) for her and next time want to add a tank or something to go with it with a little embroidery.  I don't know if I can do it, but julie says its not too bad.
diaper covers
They really were so easy and now I want to try some underwear!
(I got some fold over elastic.  Have y'all used that ever?  Is it hard?  Is underwear hard?)
Then I just kept going.
first homemade shirt
I made this shirt and tried to use bias tape around the neck with this tutorial.
It looked like a hospital scrub top so I scrapped it.
But at least I tried?
Then I made it again out of knit.
second homemade shirt
I pulled the knit when I was sewing so it puckers a little on the hem and the pocket is too high.  It was nice to just have to hem it once bc it doesn't fray.  I didn't use bias tape on this one and I am going to try to make my own next time.  you could for sure see the white from the bias tape that I used on the first shirt.  Which added to the scrub top look.  Lovely.
This is the beginning of the sewing journey, I hope.  My machine is out so hopefully I will keep trying and will get better...You just never can tell.


Anonymous said...

I have made the diaper covers ( a lot of them) for Dylan and loved it! I used this website and it has lots of cute tutorials. http://www.danamadeit.com/

P.S. - I think you need a cuter phone cover ;)

Brittany Strebeck said...

i'm super impressed, kristen! everything looks so so so cute.

Beth said...

Underwear is totally not hard and FOE is awesome. And your pink shirt turned out pretty good! I need to give knits another go soon!

Ashley@The Vanilla Tulip said...

Okay two questions....where do you buy your knits from? And second question...did you have a pattern for the t-shirt or just wing it?

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