Super Suits

supers hugging
Wednesday was Ben and Sassy's last day of school.  SO crazy how ridiculously fast this year has gone.  I just cant believe it.
supers smiling
super suits
The last day of school they had "super hero day" so, we went to wal mart and got some fabric to make their capes.
super shirts
I couldn't figure out how to wrap them around their necks in a way that wouldn't bother them so I just sewed the capes to the backs of their shirts.  (What?  Thats maybe the most ghetto thing in the world?  I know. Just don't tell them yet.)
sassy running
Avery decided she wanted one too, so now we have three superheros in the house.
supers in polaris2
sassy in polaris
We are obviously working on the masks and the getting the actual location of their eyes to coordinate with the holes...And I did sew around the felt on their shirts, these pics are just pre-sewing.
(So far they didn't notice that all the other kids at school bought their costumes, so they were much cooler looking.  We are keeping them brainwashed as long as we can.)
Just for fun- here they are on their first day of school-
 Apparently ben has gotten too cool to hug throughout the year.
Time flies when you're having fun, I guess.
So very thankful for their teachers, their new friends and how God led us through this year so incredibly.
I am so excited about summer, I cant stand it.


Misty said...

I love how you attached the capes just to the back of the shirt. Masyn has a cute cherry princess cape that she will not wear because the velcro scratches her neck. You're sucha' genius. I think these little outfits are definitely cuter than anything you could have found in any store. blessed lil kiddos to have such an awesome mommy!

Priscilla said...

Your kids are just so stinkin' cute, I can hardly stand it!!

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