you win some, you lose some

First of all, thank y'all so much for your sweet comments about Ella's sleep study. Your guys truly make our day. Thank you.
We spent this last weekend in the Fort Worth area for a wedding and it was just so much fun! It was a friend from Lubbock's wedding so it was like a reunion with all our lbk peeps. I just loved it! We stayed at my parents and we went to visit my Mamaw one afternoon. She had a stroke about 10 years ago and has been paralyzed on the right side ever since. She is a very strong willed woman and has done amazing things without speech or movement from half her body. She puts detailed puzzles together all day long. She will spend weeks on one, depending on the size of it. When she is finished with it, my mom seals it and frames it. Then Mamaw always gives it away to someone. Ella has an Alice the wonderland and I have a candy shop one. Something new that my mamaw has been doing lately is taking daily trips to the CVS down the street from her. She strolls down in her electric wheelchair and shops away. She has become quite the regular there. When we went to visit her this last weekend, we went along on her CVS trip. Ella rode in the wheel chair and loved it. Classic.
Our week has started off a little crazy. One night we noticed a wet spot on McKenna's carpet. We couldn't figure out what it was but just assumed a drink spilt or something. Then the next morning a few more spots of water showed up. Turns out our air conditioning is leaking from the floor up. bummer. big bummer.
Speaking of big bummers, how sad is it that Chris Harrison and his wife have separated?! Yes, I am referring to Chris Harrison the bachelor host. I am an avid bachelor watcher and the crazy girl that feels like I am really friends with Chris. It just makes me so sad for them. Can't wait for Emily's season to start on Monday though!
Ok, on to my real life problem. We called the air conditioning guy, picked our jaws off the ground when he quoted us the cost and then called another air conditioning company to get a second quote. Theirs was actually more. 
Bob and I spent today moving everything out of McKenna's room and taking the carpet up. The air conditioning guy is coming tomorrow to replace the whole unit and blah blah blah.
So, tonight McKenna and Ella are actually sharing a room! This is a first and I can't believe they are both really asleep in there! We set up a pack and play at the end of Ella's bed. We put them to bed at the same time and then I watched them on the monitor. I was cracking up. Ella immediately started saying "Kenna, just go to sleep. There are no monsters, its just pretend." Then 5 seconds later Ella would say "BOO!" and then repeat the first part again. McKenna seemed pretty whatever and fell asleep first. Ella called out McKenna's name a couple of times and then was out too. I couldn't believe how fast they went to sleep. Now of course my mind is spinning with the crazy idea of squeezing them in a room together and then turning McKenna's room into a play/craft room. Could be a dream come true, we shall see:) 
I have been on a winning streak with dinner meals these last two nights. It's a record that both kids like and eat all their dinner two nights in a row.
These lettuce wraps that I saw on pinterest really are amazing. Then tonight I made this salsa chicken and Ella said it was her favorite dinner. Thats the best compliment that picky eater could say.
As I was looking for recipes on Our Best Bites I saw this post. I had never seen this before and it was so cool! Ella couldn't get over it!
You put a bar of IVORY soap in the microwave and heat it up for about a minute. (try to focus on the soap and not my dirty microwave.)  It turns into a soap cloud! It's crazy. You should totally try it.


Misty said...

oh no for the AC!!! Idk if I blogged about it or not, but we had to have an ac guy out the 1st week of April bc of ANTS!! They shorted out our AC! slugs, frogs & snails can do the same thing... lesson learned. I am just not adjusting well to this whole living in the country/34 miles from hoblob & chicfila thing.... I can't wait to try the soap trick with Masyn. I almost can't wait until her summer break so she can be home with me all day and we can do all that stuff. 3 more days of school :) Can't believe it's summer time. I sure hope y'all do your summer essentials again. That was a fave of mine for sure

The Savage's said...

Boo! The Temple Curse strikes again. I'm sorry friend :(

Anonymous said...

I saw that you pinned the mexican chicken recipe the other day and it was the same day I already had it cooking in the crockpot! I got the recipe a few years ago from a friend at my work. Anyway, it has been Mark's favorite meal forever now and I was wondering if you were going to try it! I'm glad she liked it! :)

Unknown said...

The air conditioning situation is super crummy, but at least it's early May and not August:) I hope it gets fixed soon.
We put our girls in the same room a few months ago and it has been awesome. I'm not sure that they will ever sleep apart again! They love it and we do too!

Ashley@The Vanilla Tulip said...

Noooooo on your air conditioner!!!! That's never a cheap fix :( Ours broke last summer... makes my gut ache thinking about it.
Love how you're positive and ended your post with a soap cloud haha! too funny!

Camila said...

My boys share a room and it is awesome. They kind of talk to each other for about 10 minutes after we turn out the light but then they just go to sleep! I think it's so fun!
Thanks for the recipe links. I always love to try new ones!

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