Mother's Day and Bike Party invites

This year Jeff had the best mothers day planned for me.
He had the kids draw balloons and write "mothers day" on paper and then he scanned them, photoshopped them and ironed them on shirts for the kids for me!
Then they sprayed me with silly string and blew up tie dye balloons (to match the ones sassy drew)!  It was such a fun day and I am so thankful to be a mom to these crazies.
On Sunday we went to Jeffs parents first and then my parents to celebrate our moms.
We played in their fountain, hung out, took pics and then had a fantastic meal at Rosas.
We love you Nana and grandma so much!!
After that, we headed to my parents house and had a blast.
In the backyard there were mama ducks that had her babies that had hatched from eggs she layed at my parents house.
They were so sweet!
And incredibly fast!
They zoomed all over the pool trying to get away from my kids wanting to chase, catch and hold them.
Then the mama duck got out of the pool, and I guess that her babies can usually follow her, but for some reason they couldn't.
We traumatized them in every way just trying to help them get out of the pool.
We just wanted to help but I am sure we scarred them for life.
My mom did say that they came back the next day, so we luckily didn't do too much damage.
Love you mom! Thanks for a wonderful mothers day!
And we are going to do a bike party for the twins!
It is hard to do a party that they both agree on, but we do a lot of riding bikes, so I thought we could bring that to the streets in party form.
bike invite1
I will keep you posted on the rest of the decor...


amanda said...

Okay, this excites me SOOO much!! I had a friend who went to a party at a roller rink and it was bring your favorite wheel toy. I thought this was SUCH a great idea! I've been thinking this should be our bday party for next year when my son turns 4. Can't wait to see how your party turns out! :)

(Bob's cousin! -- Hi Allison! :))

the tichenor family said...

super cute theme! OF course!!! :) and I just love, love, love the shirts Jeff did for you. SO thoughtful.

Nina said...

I'm sorry, but there is no way they are 4 already, what!?!!

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