Mini thrifting and a night out on the town

Last week, I found this skirt at goodwill and got so excited for the polka dots.  
It was a little big so I took it in at the waist a little just by sewing the seam on the side (on one side only because it zipped on the other side...it was a little uneven in the back) in a little bit too much.
I could only breath standing up.
The things I do for homemade fashion.
Then last night Jeff worked 24 hours so we painted the town red.
We went to Taco Bueno (a personal fave of mine and not Jeffs so I have to take advantage when he's gone)
We ate simultaneously
Went to the park,
watched and became tiny dancers,
And then made a pallet so we could all sleep in the same room!
(Ben was in his own bed by 9 and avery was in my bed a few hours later.  At least we tried!)
I love this upcycling thing and want to find more things that I can redo.  Annnndddd my mom is coming this weekend or monday to teach me how to really sew so there may be some improvement in that arena.  Im just so excited!!
Happy Tuesday!

1 comment:

Kirsten said...

I love that skirt!
You are soo cute!
I have done that with skirts before. I feel so clever that I can take it in..then I do to much!


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