Case of the Mondays

(We found some roly polies this weekend and made them a little home-we'll see how long they live. I give it 2 more hours.)
How heart breaking are the pics of brave little ella in those wires?? it just breaks my heart seeing her liked that and she just has the sweetest attitude! love her.
Just thought I would start this week off with some links.
Its been a while.
Did y'all see the moon this weekend???
This post is something that I have been thinking a lot about lately and am so very thankful for my own mom and dad and childhood.
My friends and I are going to make a friendship quilt together and we are starting to pic out fabrics.  they have both made amazing quilts and I have never made anything and can never cut straight or sew in a straight line.  I think I am going to need some lessons...
Lindsay's grandparents anniversary was so inspirational and sweet.  Her family is so neat (and of course incredibly beautiful!)
every. single. thing. katie does is amazing.  these popsicles look delish;  her nursery-there are no words.  incredible; really all her pics and stories are just so beautiful. (as are her tattoos! I am just in love with all of them!  They are so light and beautiful)
I love everything about this girl.  Her hair. Her clothes.  She is a runner. Her latest post is denim on denim (a personal fave.) love it all.
How good do these look?
These are so cute!
I made these last week and they were amazing! (and gluten free!)
This camper is adorable.
For some reason I cant stop thinking about Thomas J and Veda Sultenfuss this week.  Am I too old to rent My Girl?
My cousin lins sent me this idea this week.  Amazing!! Perfect for this weekend!
Hope y'all had a great weekend and festive Cinco De Mayo!!


Cassie, Alex, Dresden and Auden said...

Never too old to rent My Girl! I think about Veda Sultenfuss and Thomas J ALL the time, not kidding! I thought I was probably the only one, lol. When I'm sad I sing "Smile" and think about her watching the old movies on the wall, cuz, as we know, I'm a dork. :-P

Carrie said...

oh geez louise why did i have to click on the katie link?? i just spent an embarrassing amount of time clicking through her blog. and it makes me want to spend more and more money on tattoos. i really want a picture from the illustrated bible that was my mom's. thanks for all the fun links! :)

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