knitted hats and the most hilarious pictures you've ever seen

Can you believe sweet McKenna is one!! And how awesome are those invites and al's idea for her party!! I can't wait to see what she does! she is amazing.
Through out this holiday season I have been making custom orders for different people and it has been so nice.  I have also been trying to knit hats and I used the stockings I made to try and figure them out.  They are not the best and are weird sizes, but oh well. Most of them end up too big, so Jeff is really lucking out :)
I also taught my aunt and cousin Lins how to knit and that was just so much fun.  They took to it so fast and I really loved being able to show them something I love so much.
The first hat I ever made was this one.  This lady is uh mazing.  Like crazy amazing!! I can't believe what all she makes.
Then I made this one with a heart in it.
I used this video to help me figure this one out.
and Knittinghelp.com  (They even have an app!)
And one with a stripe.
And this one is still on the needles.
I may have blogged these before and am blanking out.  If I have, I am sorry.  I do think I am having memory loss from my excessive diet coke drinking.  I have, however been cutting back.
 I feel like now that I just put that in writing it will jinx me so bad and I will have to go to sonic and get a route 44.
 I hope not.
I did make my first ever batch of tea yesterday and it wasn't too bad.  I think it can be my new addiction.  Because I desperately need a new addiction...at least it may distract me from my first love, DC.
On that note, I also dropped my phone in the toilet (UGH!!!) over the holidays but I was able to get a new one with insurance (YEA!) but it has taken forever to get the new one here.  In the meantime, I have been using the old school flip phone (so light and easy to use!)  I do have to push all the buttons like three times to get the right letters when I am texting.  It makes me feel like I am in high school again and have a pager.  I loved my pager.  Sigh.
Then, they canceled our credit cards because they have been trying to issue us new ones for like 4 months but, can never get our names right on the cards.  ("What? No, I didn't mean you, sir!  Thats my last name! No, its not a cuss word!  Super close though...")  The new one, with the right name, should be on its way.  We have called three times and they keep saying they will "expedite it" it asap...
just like you said 6 months ago.  and four months ago...
Ok, so I have accidentally given up my phone, credit card and (not accidentally) diet coke since the new year.
It has been a little bit of an adjustment into 2012 but hopefully we will be back on track as soon as they expedite my card and phone to me...
But to make up for that long and whiny post about my first world problems, here are the most hilarious pics, that I did not know I was going to get, and when I opened them I laughed out loud and forwarded them to everyone I know.
Every year the school picture people blow me away with how they get my kids to smile and appear happy.
Its probably drugs.  or candy.
Whatever it is, I love it.
Happy 2012!


Unknown said...

Those seriously are the cutest pictures ever. EVER.

Kate said...

oh wow, those pics are awesome!!! they are so happy!! and your hats make me sick (in the super jealous way). my niece got a scarf knitting kit for christmas and i couldnt even figure out the directions. very depressing..maybe it's just not my forte..

Unknown said...

Love the hats and the kiddos are adorable!!!

allyo said...

Girls...you two are just SO MUCH FUN! I always love reading your blog, and catching up when I get behind. Your families are precious,and the things you two do as mommies are inspiring. Your extended families and your friendships are what many wish they could have. Hope you have a great new year. Keep up the great work!

BrookeD said...

LOVE IT ALL! Those kiddos are ridiculous (meaning I want to eat them up b/c they're so stinkin' cute).
I'm so glad they FINALLY "expedited" you card and phone! ;)

The Rodriguez Crew said...

hahaha I loved this post!!! So great!!

lins said...

LL READERS: WHAT SHE'S NOT TELLING YOU IS THAT HER PHONE SURVIVED THE TOILET... BUT NOT MY DUNKING IT INTO A SOLO CUP OF VODKA CRAN!!!! I am the party responsible for the phone death..... And I'm the guilt tripping a**hole that told her to cut out diet coke... :( Call me if you want me to make your new year a little tougher also. #fail

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