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I have been so behind on blogging this month. I guess (actually I'm sure of it) that McKenna's party took all the energy out of me.  
We have a few bee tattoos left over from the party and Ella has made sure they don't go to waste. 
The girls have been whipping up stuff in their kitchen 
as I cook these yummy verde turkey enchiladas.
For dessert, Ella helped me bake some snicker doodles cut into everyone's initials.
I mailed out my first set of Good Boy Jars.
I have been working on making my own labels so I can put some Good Girl/Boy Jars in our etsy shop. The labels I made for Ella's jars are images that the silhouette owns so with all the copyright mumbo jumbo that I barely understand, I am just creating my own to play it safe. I am hoping to have them ready  this week! 
How great was Kristen's post about her word of the year?! I loved reading it and was inspired to have a word of the year too. I have been thinking about it a lot these last couple of days and come up with BRAVE for my word of the year. Does anybody hear Pee-Wee Hermans voice screaming in your head when you hear the word of the year? Before he got creepy (or at least was confirmed creepy) I would watch Pee-Wee's playhouse and they had a different word of the day each episode. When the word would be said by someone, Pee-Wee would scream ahhhhhh. Anyways, I'm excited about my word of the year and I already have been giving myself pep talks in my head saying "just be brave Allison!" (please tell me y'all do that too) I want to be that brave person that isn't afraid to talk out loud in every social setting, go to bible study by myself when Bob is working on Sundays, and just be more confidant in who I am. I always  sometimes think of the worst case scenario for things which then leads me to not even doing them at all. I know that I need to trust and have faith (ahhhhhh, Kristen's word of the year) in God's wonderful plan for my life and face each day with no fear. Bring it on 2012.  
I hope everyone had a great weekend!


Lifethrualinds said...

You girls are BOTH do inspiring! I love your words of the year.

Unknown said...

love your girls stove and fridge where is it from? please let me know thanks,

Tina said...

Those good boy jars are darling! Would you be able to sell just the labels? I have a plethora of mason jars but no Silouhette... Yet ;)

Please let me know ....



Allison said...

Genuine Love-the kitchen is from pottery barn kids:)

Unknown said...

Would you be able to sell just the labels? I have a plethora of mason jars but no Silouhette... Yet ;)

Unknown said...

email me at diana.ponce83@gmail.com would love to know if you can sell me the silouhettes.. THank you,

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