Hanging Instagrams

Y'all know how much I love Ikea. It just has everything.  Jennifer showed me these fantastic wire and clip sets and last week I saw the app Postal Pics, where you can print your instagrams, and I just knew those two had to go together.
Jeff had the fabulous idea of going all the way down with them and I just love that.  We can def move the map.  I mean, thats like instagrams from the last few months and not even all of them!  I need more room.
We have also been playdoughing and glittering like crazy over here.
And ben has been taking his animals everywhere.
We are like our own zoo...
I guess we are our own zoo anyway.
And I totally splurged and had a diet coke
and refilled it like 3 times.
I am out of control.
Hopefully I can regain some of it today.
Wish me luck.


Tulip and Turnip said...

That looks terrific! I think I may have to use that idea! Isn't Instragram the greatest?!?!

BrookeD said...

Yea for IKEA!! The pictures look great!!!
And you are no slug!! All in all I think you are kicking diet coke's butt! ;)

Ashley@The Vanilla Tulip said...

SO sad... I tried to get that app but my iphone isn't new enough! sniff sniff. There surely has to be another way?!
And I am loving your gigantic mcdonalds cup. We really must be friends. We could drink our gigantic drinks together while the kids play playdough and do glitter:) Hope you have a great weekend!!

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