Blair's Wedding Weekend

blair and justin rehearsal
Just love these two.
I was so so thankful to be able to be apart of Blair's wedding weekend.
So thankful to have her as a friend since 6th grade and then to have seen Justin and her relationship grow.
Blair is such an incredible person and I think Justin said it best when the preacher read what he loved about her.  He said that he first noticed her beauty and then how compassionate, kind, creative and funny she is.  She is truly a rock for so many people and always the first person to get on your side-no matter what your side is.  She is fiercely loyal.  It is one of her greatest qualities.  I know she will always be there for me and I was just so thankful to be able to stand by her.
rehearsal table WW
Food in my teeth and a terrible pic, but here is amy jo and kelly (also from middle school friends) at the rehearsal.  We went to Iron Cactus and it was SO GOOD! Love me some chips, salsa, fajitas and "dipping cheese".
b&j rehearsal
Everyone toasted (or roasted) the couple and it was hilarious!!
Then we watched a fantastic slide show that was so sweet!!!
blair getting ready
The next morning all the festivities began!
Blair made her fantastic shirt and we all got our hair and make up done!
Sawyer and I getting ready
I helped out with some of her "mini maids".
This is the original Sawyer Grace, y'all.
And she is to die for.
She is so sweet and so gorgeous and so cute!
A real legend.  Definitely the perfect person to name sassy after.
Blair has been babysitter her and her older sister Savannah since they were babies.
All the bridesmaids all beautified with our amazing necklaces for the wedding.
bridesmaids chant
A little cheer before we went out.
Pumped us up.
posing in my dress
Here was the front of our dresses.  Plum purple.
back of my dress
Here is the back of my dress once we hit the reception...maybe I should have altered it after all..
zipping up mels dress
Getting everyone all zipped up!
bridesmaids in dresses
We had to get the dress safely to the church and blair showed off her pre wedding outfit while wheeling the  dress to its final destination...
walking into church
We walked to the church as a team.
Then it was time to get the Bride into that dress.
And she looked so stunning.  Breathtaking really.
bridal blair surprise
and often shocked or surprised...
We just watched and toasted the gorgeous bride.
bridesmaids in bridal room
Blair and Kelly (her matron of honor)
kelly and blair wedding
I got to go with blair to carry her dress when she and Justin took their pics before the wedding.
They are so gorgeous.  Its just amazing!
blair and justin
The mini maids were busy passing out programs and greeting guests.
mini maids
The wedding was amazing.
The church was gorgeous, the preacher was so sweet, everyone looked beautiful.
My kids were kind of the sore thumb.
They LOVED their dresses, shoes, flowers, and Blair.  They never wanted to leave blair.  They gave her hugs, flowers and told her she looked like a princess.
The twins were not really in the best mood before they walked down so I asked Jeff to get them candy.
On the other hand, Avery has literally been waiting for this moment for a year.  She has watched other flower girls not go down the isle because they were scared or not throw enough flowers because they didn't know how, and she talked about this and knew she had to be different.
We realized right before they walked down that avery was just going to carry a ball of flowers and not actually throw them.
Jeff had spent the whole day telling avery to throw a lot of flowers and not hold back.
So, needless to say, she wanted to throw flowers.
Blair saw this and did not care (lucky for us) if avery just tore apart the ball of flowers and threw all of those flowers out.
Avery was thrilled.
The others were still a little cranky and now had candy.
They did not want to let go of that candy.
So, Avery walked down and tore apart her whole ball of flowers and the babies walked half way down with bags of candy like it was a safari and they were feeding animals candy.
Then they all turned around and went back the way they came.
I was literally crying from laughing.
So inappropriate from the whole Barstad family.
(I was actually crying at the beginning just seeing my kids prepping to walk down in one of my best friends wedding and got choked up.  And blair was just so gorgeous).
Overall, though, the wedding was beautiful and she danced and smiled and just looked so happy.
Then we rode the bus to the reception.
amy and kelly on bus
lynsey and lisa on bus
me in bus
ben on bus
Ben wanted to ride in the bus with all the ladies.
blair and justin wedding
Inside was gorgeous and had a little purple tint to the room.
So cool.
And Emerald City was there and they are amazing.
It was so fantastic.
blair and mel wedding
Blair and Mel (her maid of honor)
me cole and sarah
Me, Blair's brother Cole and friend Sarah.
blair and justin dancing
The gorgeous couple dancing.
They ended up on stage at the end of the night and it was so hilarious.
on stage
Happy wedding weekend Blair Wheeler Wilbur!! I loved every minute of it and am so thankful to have been apart of it!


Brandi said...

You all look so beautiful!!!! Congrats to your sweet friend! And those necklaces are to die for!!!!!

Nina said...

I do love those necklaces! Everyone looked amazing so happy for Blair, yay Mrs. Wilbur!!

Finally an Abrigg..... said...

I've worked a few weddings with Emerald City this year! They are a riot.

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