party planning and what not

I don't know why Brittany and I always end up sitting on the floor for hours at a time but thats what we have been doing a lot of lately. Brittany is a champ being 9 months prego and all! With Ella's bday party coming up this weekend we have been crafting it up over here and the floor just seems to be where we work best. 
Picnik collage
Brittany designed the water bottle labels for me on photoshop and they turned out so great! (She's amazing!) We laminated them with packing tape before taping them around the bottle. She also designed the cutest c.d. covers for me which will be everyones party favor. I successfully burned more than the limited 5 c.d.s on iTunes too! I pulled the songs I wanted from Bob's computer and burned them on a c.d. then I imported them onto my computer. They pulled up as tracks on my computer instead of iTune songs so I think thats how it let me burn so many.
Picnik collage
Picnik collage
Today Brittany and I played around with my silhouette machine, I'm still figuring out how to use it. We made a couple of freezer paper onesies for Cooper, and just in case he makes his arrive before Ella's party he has a dancing onesie to wear. We also played around with the magnet paper which was so fun! I made some cupcakes and a paper doll magnet for Ella to play with on the fridge. I got the sizing a little (or maybe a lot) off for the clothes but Ella didn't seem to notice. 
SO excited for Ella's party this weekend but also so excited that papasans are doubling over here! I can't wait for Cooper to be here! March 29th is the big day! (if not sooner!)


Lifethrualinds said...

So cute! Loving all the party planning. How cool is the magnet paper!? I can't wait to see pics of McKenna and Cooper together. So much fun!

lins said...

I was not even aware that itunes had a 5 cd burning limit.... this displeases me. BUT I am going to suggest right now that we make Ella's "dance party mix" available online after the party. I feel like we would have similar favorite jams.... Can't wait to see pics of this party!!

Funfor5andunder said...

I'm new to this blog and love it. I'm currently planning my son's first birthday and want to bottle labels. The tape is a good idea. How do you stick it on the bottles?

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