Horrible News

All of our prayers go out to everyone in Japan, Hawaii and now California.  This earthquake/tsunami is unbelievably scary.  I can not even begin to imagine the horror that they are facing and our heart breaks for everyone.  My cousin Lins lives in hawaii and I am hoping and praying everything in her life is completely fine.  Love you Lindsey, Andrew and Toby, so much.  Really  puts all my dumb worries about laying down to paint on my jeans in perspective.

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lins said...

I somehow missed this post! You are so sweet to mention us. We got sooo lucky- everyone was expecting an absolute disaster. The Japanese are amidst the real crisis- In my opinion, the news has not properly highlighted their unbelievable resilience and strength. We need to all recognize and admire the Japanese for being such courageous people through this and all their trials before it.

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