a few goodies (of the mouth and head varieties)

This last weekend was a blast.  (I know that its either a little too early to be talking about the weekend or wayyyy too late, but, here you go anyway). Jeff was home all weekend and I just couldnt stand it.  He looked so different when I actually got to see him in the daylight.  
Then we had a couple of neighborhood hang outs on our porch where we drank and ate, and it was so relaxing.  I made a few different kinds of cookies and experimented with the butter cookies that I usually make and I am so glad I did.  I used regular sugar instead of powdered sugar and they were just a little sweeter and soooo good.  I also made my chocolate chip cookies.
 Jordan was talking in her blog about having a cookie that is "yours" and that people kind of know you will bring to events.  She has been on the search for one and she said she found one that is perfect for her.
  I really never looked for one, I just happened to google the words "butter" and "chocolate chip cookies" and betty crocker just found me.  Then that recipe has vanished from the internet so I can braggingly call it my own and act like I am an amazing baker that just made it up.  I like that Jordan's is complex and has healthy things in it, like apple sauce and nuts and fruit.  She is complex and fun and someone who is full of surprises.  I think it fits her perfectly.  Mine, on the other hand, are pretty basic, not the prettiest, most creative or surprising cookies at the sweets table; they are ultra sweet in maybe a kind of annoying way (and I even swap semi sweet choc chips because, who likes those anyway, with milk choc so there really is no getting any sweeter with these things) and maybe a little over the top.  They can be a little bit too much and can get old kind of fast, but they are loyal and will always be a comfort.  I think that pretty much fits me and I am glad that it is my cookie.  Thanks for that idea jordan.  I just love it.
 Just a great weekend.  
Then, after all that fun and baking and thinking about baking, I saw these.  So now you can guess whats in my oven right now.  And now that there are blonde oreos (my personal fave and I have now gotten my husband to occasionally choose them over the choc ones) I feel like there needs to be a blonde version of these (hello-I love a blonde and a brunette equally!).  So, I think those may be in my oven in about an hour.  I will let you know.
I also made a few things for the shop.
A few more baby hats, some felt crown from Avery's party, and a few crochet flower pins and headbands.
Picnik collage
(I didnt have a model so I used Avery's doll..dont judge me. 
Picnik collage
Picnik collage
Picnik collage
And dont we all agree that Allison needs to add the door hangers to the shop!? Arent they so cute! She is so talented!  And they could be for parties, babies, holidays, etc-she can do so much with this.  I am so excited about it.
Moral of the story-make the brownies.
(They are better than the cake batter bark.  just sayin)


jennifer said...

i'm definitely making the oreo brownies!! they look delicious!! and love the new hat with the button... isla needs one for the winter!!

the tichenor family said...

sounds like that cookie is so YOU. sweet as can be. i can't wait to meet you one of these days. really. truly.

i need to have a baby girl so I can buy one of those adorable flower knit hats. love.

you're the cutest.

lins said...

the hat with the button is the best!!! I wish i had a need for a wooly hat. I don't though... Maybe you could make me one of those boho crochet swim suits!! hahahaha can you imagine? a great way to ensure I NEVER make a beach friend again! Oh and the crown is perfection. I LOVE YOU!

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