a whole lotta not that much.

Picnik collage
My son is crazy into dinosaurs.  and dino dan.  and some other animals, a little bit.  but he knows all the different kinds of dinosaurs and its hilarious to hear his little mouth try and say pentaceratops.  so anyway, we made a nest for dinosaur eggs that we eat for breakfast (I know, so weird.  but if I put food coloring on the eggs and say they are dinosaur eggs they get so excited that they ask for them. im so tricky. ahh tricky tricky..sorry).
and I took six kids to the park yesterday.  scratch that, I tried to take them to the post office, but it was presidents day so we went to the park after we ALL got out of the car at the post office, walked inside and then realized it was closed, and then ALL 7 of us got back in the car.  I have got to learn to check my calendar...
and today we went to our friend katelyn's house and played.  nothing exciting but there are pics so I am going to post them.  and, yes, I have the hipstamatic app just like everyone else who thinks they are so cool and should post them even though they are just phone pics.  and, yes, I also have a real camera. youre welcome.
and the bubbles got on sassy. after I had to cut an unidentified stickiness out of her hair.  her life was over.
moral of the story- eggs are good, don't go to the post office on holidays, even ones that are not that memorable, and bubbles are fun.
happy wednesday.


Lisa said...

your blog makes me smile. :o)

lins said...

Dinosaur eggs!!! Cutest thing I've ever heard of!!

Cassie said...

Ha. You crack me up! I feel like I just had a conversation with you...and I love it :)

fromhousetohome said...

You are amazing....creative, sweet, funny...your pics and words made me laugh too!! Only YOU would take 7 to the post office and the park!! You inspire me....but I don't have your energy!!!

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